Friday, October 08, 2010

Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert 2010

Yesterday, Andy held a promotional event for his upcoming concert (18 shows to take place from 12/20/10 to 01/06/11). Despite the many industry ‘heavyweights’ that he invited to participate in the promotional event, including singer Paula Tsui, actress/singer Deanie Ip, producer Lee Tim Sing, director Ann Hui., etc., the focus from the media was really on whether Andy would respond to his wife’s pregnancy rumors.

For yesterday’s event, Andy had invited Eric Tsang to be the host. Andy indicated that there was a special meaning to each guest that he invited and a few of them he viewed as his mentors.

Award-winning director Ann Hui was the first person who cast Andy as male lead in the movie . Ann revealed that originally, her first choice for the role was Chow Yun Fat, however in the end, she ended up casting Andy instead. Andy revealed that when he was filming intimate scenes with female lead Cora Miao, he was so nervous that his knees were shaking. Smiling, Andy indicated that his acting was very ‘stiff’ back then.

On the television front, Andy’s first series as male lead was TVB’s , which was produced by Lee Tim Sing. Producer Lee revealed that at first, when he saw how ‘stiff’ and unnatural Andy’s acting was, he had worried that perhaps he chose the wrong person to cast as the lead in the series. However Andy worked very hard to improve and ended up doing a great job in the series. He said that Andy went from being a ‘cow’ back then to being a ‘golden cow’ today.

A highlight of the event was when veteran singer Paula Tsui appeared on stage. She indicated that when Andy personally called her and invited her to come to the event, she immediately said yes. On stage, Paula also gave Andy the title .

Andy’s on-screen ‘mom’ Deanie Ip was the only one who dared to publicly announce on stage that she is patiently waiting for Andy to give her a ‘grand-child’, saying to him: “The most important thing is for you to continue to have good health and to love your wife – and also work hard to create a ‘grandchild’ for me!” In response, Andy – who does not like talking about his personal matters in public – smiled and said: “You are the only one who would dare to say it! Who else would even dare to talk about these things….?” Then, Andy immediately pretended to ‘send’ Deanie away, prompting host Eric Tsang to tease him, saying that any mention of ‘having children’ causes him to send people away.

As for details of his upcoming concert, Andy revealed that he has invited choreographers Payne and Stacy Walker to come all the way from the U.S. to choreograph dance moves for him (in the past, they have choreographed dance moves for Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Lady Gaga). In terms of guests, he says that he is planning to invite Idy Chan, Chow Yun Fat, as well as his Tiger buddies.

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