Sunday, October 31, 2010

47th annual Golden Horse Awards

The 47th annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony will take place on November 20th. Hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai were filming the CF for it several days ago.

To make it special, they especially invited a special effects makeup artist to help them turn into Na’vis (Avatar). On the day of the shoot, it took four hours to complete their makeup. Dee laughed, “I think the Golden Horse is making us suffer first and then experience joy after.”

Since the Na’vis have a rather distinctive look, Dee and Kevin had to go through lifecasting – getting a mold of their faces. During the molding process, Dee kept waving her arms for help as she was barely able to breathe. She commented afterwards, “It feels like I was getting buried alive. I now understand the feeling of the moment before death.” Kevin expressed, “My head felt really heavy and uncomfortable. It felt as if I was wearing a iron mask!”

Dee showed her daughter a photo of herself in the lifecast after she got home, but her daughter was so scared that she immediately said, “Mom, you look like a mummy, so scary!”

The two hosts were definitely the center of attention during the CF shoot. Dee complimented Kevin for looking the most educated Na’vi. Kevin also praised Dee, “Although you’re in all this Na’vi makeup, it still can’t cover up your great body!” But Dee teased Kevin, “Seeing Kang Yong Ge (Kevin) wear tight fitting clothes today, I finally understand why he always insist on wearing shirts and suits on the show!”

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