Friday, October 08, 2010

Tenth drama theme 'Goodbye'

Singer-songwriter Oda Kazumasa (63) will be releasing his tenth drama theme 'Goodbye' (Gubbai) for the TBS drama Juui Dolittle. The new song will be on sale November 17. It will be a year and nine months since his last single was released.

It has been almost twenty years since Oda's first drama theme song. Back in 1991, his hit song 'Love Story wa Totsuzen ni' was used for the Fuij TV drama Tokyo Love Story. In Juui Dolittle, the story centers on a talented veterinarian who treats both pets and their owners. Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao and Narimiya Hiroki star in the drama which starts October 17 at 9 p.m. Producer Setoguchi Katsuaki says, "We're grateful to Oda for reading the script and providing such a wonderful theme song that captures such clarity and depth."

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