Friday, October 22, 2010

Charlene Choi's MV recently released

Filming Charlene Choi's (煞有介事) MV from her recently released Cantonese EP, wearing large glasses, personifying a dorky office lady, and using exagerrated movements and facial expressions to increase the comedic touch, Ah Sa was praised by the MV director as being the reflection of "Plain Jane" and being able to develop towards the direction of a Comedy Queen. The message of the song (煞有介事) is that in this world, there are too many standards created by society regarding how people should be. Rather than acting to fit into the standards of others, simply be who you naturally are. In the MV, all the beautiful female coworkers in the office are crazy about the male boss, but he is only denied by Ah Sa. Finally, Ah Sa is unable to bear with her boss' idiotic annoyances and gives him an earful before elegantly but unconventionally leaving with a runway walk!

Even though Ah Sa was to dress as a dorky office lady, she personally matched her outfit, modeling clothes of a conventional but fashionable office lady. Although she had initially wanted to make a foolish and silly young girl look, who would have expected that staff members unexpectedly praised her as being adorable. Never having worked an office job before, Ah Sa laughed and pointed out that it was extremely fun to portray this character. However, she personally says she is restless and if she were to work in an office, she would definitely mess around and get others to play around.

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