Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Double J Relationship is part of history

The "Double J Relationship" is part of history now. Jay Chou is now busy with his career; yesterday he flew to Hollywood to participate in postproduction work for "The Green Hornet". According to reports he will be singing the theme song to the movie. He just held 8 nights in Hong Kong, he took time out to meet with his buddy Shawn Yue, the two both urged for a sequel to "Initial D". He smiled saying: "I hope we can film it the year after, lets film it before we get old."

Yesterday Jay Chou flew to America for work. According to reports since the beginning of the filming of "The Green Hornet", he has been fighting for the right to sing the theme song for the movie "The Green Hornet". He's planning to invite the director of "The Green Hornet" Michel Gondry to film the MV for the theme song he'll sing. At last it has been decided, to this Jay admitted: "I wanted to sing it from the start, it'll be best if it's the global version, but if it's the Asia version that's good too."

Yesterday a weekly magazine reported, after Jolin Tsai and a mixed male model Vivian started a "JV relationship", Jay has gotten depression. But according to the observations of his colleagues at the company, recently Jay has been full of work, they don't see anything wrong with his mental state. He was very high at the backstage of the concert, it was the birthday of a colleague, and he played and sang a Chinese and English version of Happy Birthday with a guitar. He also rearranged "Free Instructional Video" entertaining everyone.

This weekly magazine also stated, for his new show "Mr. J Channel", he originally planned to invite Jolin to be a guest for this season at the very end, but because of the exposure of her relationship with Jin Rong it has been cancelled. JVR are puzzled where this idea came from, because Jay once publicly said, "People who have been rumoured with me, I won't be inviting on, why blur the focus."

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