Friday, October 08, 2010

Upcoming drama, “Material Queen”

Producer Chen Yu-Shan’s upcoming drama, “Material Queen”, was filming on location in Paris regardless of the recent bomb threats.

Early in the morning in the cool temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, Lynn Xiong wore a custom designed dress by Sex In The City stylist Patricia Field; She showed off her shoulders and long legs while walking on the Pont des Arts. Costar Van Ness Wu kept Lynn entertained by making silly poses for other tourists to snap pictures. The actress was full of smiles and laughter despite shivering under the cold weather.

The drama crew had prepared some hot packs for Lynn to put inside her dress, but she said, “I’m afraid it will make me look chubbier. It’s okay to shiver a bit, I have to look pretty even if it’s cold.”

Van Ness did not forget to update his micro blog. He wrote, “So tired! It’s already difficult to read the script in Chinese, and now there are French dialogues…so stressed. On top of the time difference, I haven’t been able to sleep for 48 hours. (I) guess I can only joke around to decrease my stress.”

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