Friday, October 08, 2010

Love you ten thousand years

Zai Zai Zhou Yumin’s movie "Love you ten thousand years" box office in Taiwan exceeded NTD10million, and he finally becomes a <10 million box office actor>. Zaizai who is now working in Mainland China thanked audience, and said: "I am really very happy."

Taiwan film "Love you ten thousand years" box office from August 6 to September 30 surpassed NTD 10 million in total Taiwan. Amidst many strong films, the movie continued to show hotly in cinemas for 55 days and created 10 million box office, mainly relying on good word-of-mouth by audience who have seen it, and proved the quality of film from producer Peggy Chiao, Zai Zai's touching performance and other overall entity success. Japanese Director Kitamura who has been in Taiwan for many years excitedly said: "I feel like a 98-year-old who still has a job with an annual salary of one million dollars ah."

Zaizai who is now filming “Home” drama in Shanghai, says thank you to audience’s support through his manager. In the film, Zai Zai played a rock band lead singer, wore tacky suits and enthusiastically performed a “making love” dance, all done with no effort at all, and even acted with a slight feminine taste. Zai Zai boldly makes new attempts, personally created new eye expressions and actions to increase the flavor of performance. Compared to his image in the idol dramas he acted in, it’s as if they are 2 different people, proving that Zaizai has chosen the right road.

“Meteor Garden" and "Black and White" made Zai Zai popular throughout the television circles, and if he “madly” accepts idol drama roles and acts in commercials, the money to be earned is endless. But Zai Zai takes into account making movie, he values the script and the director plus crew, and whether the roles are interesting and allows him "to experience a life he has never experienced before" in the film. Although “Love you ten thousand years" did not get him nominated for Golden Horse Award, Zai Zai did not mind because he has never acted so "youthful" before. Zai Zai enjoyed performing the role very much, and now he is even getting audience’s affirmation, making him feel that it is very worthwhile.

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