Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Seishun! Imoto no Mon" premieres on November 6

Comedian Ayako Imoto (24) will soon be hosting a variety show on BS Fuji, titled "Seishun! Imoto no Mon" and scheduled to air on Saturday nights at 11:30pm.

Distinguished by her fake thick eyebrows, Imoto is best known as the "rare animal hunter" on NTV's "Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q!," which was responsible her big break a couple years ago. On her new show, she will be guiding other young talents at the start of their show business careers.

The show takes on the format of a documentary and variety show, focusing on budding talents aiming for success in areas such as acting, singing, and comedy.

The first participants are all students from the same training school that Imoto attended, which is operated by her management office Watanabe Entertainment. Out of the approximately 1,800 students currently taking lessons, 12 aspiring stars were chosen to appear on the show (some are part of a group). They will refine their performance skills over a 5-month period before their final test, in which they will compete to see who can gather the biggest audience. Imoto will follow them throughout the process, documenting their progress and giving them support and advice.

"Seishun! Imoto no Mon" premieres on November 6.

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