Thursday, November 25, 2010

New series Thunder of the Forbidden Palace

Recently Steven Ma has been busy shooting for new series Thunder of the Forbidden Palace and was very happy to find out that his series with Fala Chen Links to Temptation is replacing Gun Metal Grey 9:30pm time slot. Steven said: "Although I'm covered with cuts and bruises from shooting Forbidden Palace, but when I heard my series is going to air soon, whatever pain I have I can survive!" Steven is also not worried about the broadcast time slot of the series because a good series will have audiences' support no matter what time it is.

In the series Links to Temptation, it is Fala's first female lead role, she said: "I love to partner up with my brother (Steven Ma), he has always loved me and can keep secrets. I would usually tell him my concerns and what's on my mind." Fala wishes her brother gets the TV King title this year: "It would be best if we could both win together for Ghost Writer!"

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