Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charlene Choi third solo Cantonese album

Less than a month after Charlene Choi released her third solo Cantonese album , album sales have already surpassed Platinum sales. Although Ah Sa only previously had one promotional event for her album, album sales have already exceeded platinum sales certification with many thanks to fans. Recently in Hong Kong, a celebration was held where EEG chairman was present to award Charlene for the great results. Ah Sa stated her shock at the positive results, saying: "Actually I'm very surprised to be awarded this prize this time because there wasn't even time to promote the album." When asked what was the reason, Charlene explained that there was no time to promote the album because she had to rush back to Mainland to continue filming. At present, Charlene is filming with Jet Li and Eva Huang. Charlene has expressed that she hopes to take time before releasing her next solo album, but she has been continuing to work on her self-compositions during her down-time.

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