Friday, November 19, 2010

Kelly Chen at World Trade Center

Yesterday Kelly Chen attended the wtc more World Trade Center - Magical Forest White Christmas opening ceremony. Wearing a short dress and showing off her beautiful legs, Kelly was in a great mood and took pictures with Santa Claus, celebrating the holiday early. As to Stephen Chan's return to TVB, it was rumored that his first secret mission is to head over to the U.S to discuss the issue between TVB and the Big 4 record companies. An Universal Music artist, Kelly expressed her great support to the rumor!

Once appeared on Be My Guest, Kelly was happy for Stephen and generously wished him a smooth career. About the rumors that Stephen negotiated with the Big 4 in the U.S, Kelly said: "Good! I completely support, hopefully he can really fix it. (Do you really miss TVB?) Yes, before when I released my album, I didn't get a chance to perform the songs, really haven't sang a song in Hong Kong for a long time. (Didn't go to other TV stations?) At the time, it was not the promotional period." As for RTHK suggesting to stop the "Four Station Media Award", EEG and East Asia both collectively announced that they will never participate in this award again. Kelly said: "They aren't playing, then no one is? (RTHK announced reset the Media Award, but the record companies aren't supporting the idea.) Then forget it, won't get this award, then get a different one, there are so many other awards. Everyone should live in harmony and don't do this and do that."

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