Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas activity @ Miramar Shopping Centre

Yesterday Leo Ku attended a Christmas activity at the Miramar Shopping Centre. During the time, Leo drew a design representing the theme song he performed for No Regrets on a Christmas girl. As the MC mentioned to Leo that Miriam Yeung is planning to hold her wedding on Christmas, Leo was asked if he'll be like her? Leo appeared like he didn't know how to answer. Leo explained: "Christmas and marriage is not related. Also, I am young, not in a rush for marriage." But, he said that deciding to marry on Christmas is not bad because many people will remember it.

A few days ago, Leo had dinner with Stephen Chan, asked what he and Mr. Chan talked about? He reveals that they do not talk about work, Leo said: "I haven't seen him for a while. (Did his mood changed?) No! I don't think there is much difference from before, wasn't too affected. He is a optimistic person." As for RTHK made their own "Media Award", Leo said that he's currently busy with work and designing his business, and even forgot about when the awards ceremony is. He expressed that he will not get into the whole process and will leave it all for his record company to handle. He has no comment.

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