Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mirror Of Wanhua Stage's Winter Dreams

Yesterday Louis Koo attended an opening ceremony for Mirror Of Wanhua Stage's Winter Dreams and was asked about the recent action taken by the government to strike at the housing market. Louis felt that the measure this time is 'spicy' enough, but he's only focused on buying low price properties, so does not affect him much. As a luxury home owner, is he worried the measure will affect the price of his house? He said: "It's hard to estimate, last time it didn't cool down, hopefully this time it will. I basically bought the house to live in, rarely using it for investments, I can consider it as a long term investment. I only bought one house to live in, and the one I lived in previously hasn't been sold yet, that's why the public thinks I have so many properties. The current housing prices in HK really are expensive, the money I earn really is from sweat and blood. Within these 1-2 years, I will be cautious and won't be investing."

Louis' ligament foot injury still has not fully recovered yet, he expressed that after the surgery, the fastest recovery will be before Lunar New Year. However, his schedule is lined up until the end of next year and he has to rush to finish shooting the Lunar New Year film, so has not had time for physical therapy, he said: "Doctor said at the current stage, it is the most dangerous because can easily break, so even if I'm really tired after work, I will still take some time off to jog for physical therapy in order to avoid muscle atrophy." Louis also expressed that he'll attend Miriam Yeung's wedding, but has not decided on the wedding gift. Has he considered to re-enact the passionate kiss that happened at her concert as a gift? He said: "Not good! Leave that for her husband to do!"

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