Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Album "Beauty Remains"

Charlene's recently released album has fully received positive critiques and has even achieved platinum sales. Along with these great results, Charlene held an album autograph session with over 500 fans who arrived on location to receive autographs and show their support, in addition to presenting Charlene with a birthday cake and an environmentally friendly rose board to celebrate Charlene's 10th year in the showbiz. Ever since Charlene and William have admitted to their relationship, it even became a topic at the event. A pair of penguin stuffed animals were given to Charlene, wishing for her to be sweet and happy. When it was time to play interactive games, a little boy and girl were invited to come up on stage to wrap a bouqet of flowers with Charlene. The event host requested for the little boy to give a kiss to Charlene, but when Ah Sa found out the boy's name was William, Charlene laughed and embarrassed, covered her face. However afterwards, Ah Sa generously said: "I don't mind, it's nothing, the name William is so common."

November 22 is Charlene's 28th birthday and the day before on November 21 is William's 25th birthday. Later when accepting an interview, Ah Sa honestly expressed that this year, she hopes to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend. "Right now I'm busy filming (in Mainland), but I hope to have the day off for my birthday. There's a 60% chance and I hope to visit Europe with William. But on William's birthday, he's in Chengdu. If I get the day off, I'll go over to find him." When asked what present she hopes her boyfriend will give to her, she replied: "Nothing!" Instead, she already thought of a present for her boyfriend, but when asked what the present was, she laughed and replied: "I'll spend a little more though, but I won't say it, it'll have to be a surprise!"

Recently at a Ming Weekly event, William expressed: "This year is the first time Ah Sa and I are celebrating our birthdays together as a couple, but I have work. I hope we can arrange to celebrate together. I've also already bought a mysterious gift. Actually, I hope to celebrate privately with Ah Sa, I don't want to hold a big party."

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