Friday, November 19, 2010

Complaints on TVB's "Gun Metal Grey"

TVB's "Gun Metal Grey" aired its 13th episode last night and the Broadcast Authority received 3 complaints regarding to that episode, noting Stone Sir (Felix Wong)'s transformation is disturbing, the series is defaming photographers, and rape scenes are inappropriate.

The plot is about Team A dealing with a pseudo-model rape-killing case and they send their team member Hui Man Sze (Nancy Wu) as an undercover to their target Franky (Stephen Huynh). Man Sze portrays as a sexy pesudo-model and take very sexy photos with Franky so he will show his killer side. But Franky escapes and goes after Man Sze's sister (Jessica Hsuan). Stone Sir arrives at the building and gets angry when he sees Franky tries to erase evidences; then he starts to hit Franky.

Scenes of raping and sexy photo-taking are considered too bold and that is the reason it receives complaints. The photographer character is said of defaming the profession.

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