Friday, November 19, 2010

William Chan birthday surprise

Since going public with their relationship, William Chan and Charlene Choi have kept their relationship relatively quiet on Weibo. The night before, William uploaded a photo of a cake on Weibo. In fact it was a birthday surprise presented early from his girlfriend. William Chan and his company's "big sister" Charlene Choi appear to be relaxed and sweetly in love. Even though the both of them are busy with their individual work, the night before, William did not forget to post a photo of his birthday cake on Weibo and writing: "I'm really too pleasantly surprise! Thank you guys! muah*" Although neither of them spoke openly about it on Weibo, in fact his girlfriend had prepared this pleasant birthday surprise for him.

Yesterday when William attended a video game function, it was hard for him to cover his good mood: "I'm really happy!" With this pleasant surprise making him extremely happy, he commented: "That day, she called me asking if I wanted to go out to eat. Originally I was in the recording studio until around 11pm so I was thinking not to go. But my girlfriend (Ah Sa) asked me to just go up and sit for a bit. When I got there, there was no one there and nothing to eat. She said it's too late at night so everyone's left by down. At that point I was really feeling down. At that moment, a whole group of good friends rushed out from another room. Turns out she arranged it for so many people to celebrate (my birthday) with me, I'm really happy!"

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