Friday, November 12, 2010

December Fook Luk Sau concert

Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam and Johnson Lee rehearsed with the stage artists for the first time for their December Fook Luk Sau concert. Once Louis appeared, he immediately made gags saying that his real name is actually Takeshi Kaneshiro. When asked if his concert clothing are extremely sexy? He said in 'dai sei' tone: "It's no use with 'flabby', such a big boy now and I haven't been this sexy before. The costume is full of sparkly stones, even on the important parts. But don't think dirty because every part of the body is important. We'll also appear as 'win, sea, fire' for the opening." He also to the media to remember to go "bow", seriously touch wood!

During the rehearsal for the 15 minute long medley, Johnson wanted to create his own posture and went to kiss Louis. Later Louis said: "Don't have to kiss when the time comes, I will tell him to lick me. (Worried about forgetting the lyrics?) Nope because we came up with every part of the lyrics." As for the list of guest performers, they expressed that there will be Pop King and Queens, Film King and Queens candidates. They didn't want to announce the actual names on the list to "grab promotions", so they told everyone to wait until the concert.

As the concert and TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony overlaps, Wong Cho Lam said: "Then it's the best way to prove it, the ones who can't attend the award ceremony won't get any award."

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