Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pass It On 2010 Ceremony

Yesterday Alex Fong and Edmond Leung attended WTO's "Pass It On 2010" opening ceremony in Causeway Bay. Alex expressed that he's already taken part in this event 5 years in a row. This year he is collaborating with Gold Label's first brother Edmond and can rise his status. During the time, Edmond suddenly asked Alex if he's getting married this year? Alex denied, but openly expressed that after the media reported that he and Stephy Tang indirectly admitted that they are dating, many people thought they were already married. Alex said: "It's quite influencing. It's okay before me because I'm a guy, but Stephy is a girl who is not married yet, and still have lots of opportunities, wiping away her chances is not good!" Edmond interrupted: "She could be waiting for Alex's proposal." Alex said he does not have plans for marriage yet.

It was rumored that Alex is not renewing his contract with Gold Label and is going to take Stephy along with him to leave? Alex denied: "The contract between Gold Label and I still has a few years, we haven't discussed on contract renewal yet. Stephy and Gold Label's contract expires earlier than mines. If we really are leaving together, then she would be taking me along with her." He does not know if Stephy will continue her contract with Gold Label because they rarely talk about this topic.

Stephy attended another event and clarified that she didn't go look at houses with Alex, but because they live close to one another and have been neighbors for a year already. She also denied that they announced their relationship, she said that her attitude towards the rumors had never changed. She will only make an announcement when she gets married. Asked if Alex is perfect in her heart? She frankly said there is room for improvement.

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