Wednesday, December 01, 2010

TVB Sales Presentation 2011

Yesterday Roger Kwok attended the TVB Sales Presentation 2011 expo along with the all new sitcom Show Me The Happy cast. Asked if he has confidence for the new sitcom? He said: "There are a few segments in the sitcom, will bring audience happiness. However, 80 episodes will take a months to broadcast, I do have some pressure. If the ratings aren't good, still have to keep on filming, so I have confidence in myself, feel that the TV ratings will do well." Roger also praises his partner Bernice Liu once again, clearly not afraid that his wife (Cindy Au) will get jealous or make Moses Chan unsatisfied. He said: "I'm just borrowing Moses girlfriend for a few months. (Girlfriend?) Rumored girlfriend, Moses does not mind, he is crazy for coffee, and will forget about everything when he has coffee."

When speaking of next year's Asian Emmy Awards, Roger strongly supported TVB's nominated series, that the chances are high. For example, No Regrets has the storyline, Can't Buy Me Love has the glamorous packaging. It is definitely a benefit for TVB to participate.

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