Sunday, December 26, 2010

New series "Men and Women Chooses Residence"

Linda Chung is currently shooting for new series Men and Women Chooses Residence and has not had the time to partner up with Wong He to earn extra income during the golden period. For this reason, Wong He 'fired' her and although Linda has to work, she is still happy: "Doesn't matter, but I'll be even happier if don't have to work. Actually several years in the industry, I had to work every year. I haven't celebrated with my parents and sister for over 6 years. (Next Christmas, bring a boyfriend to visit your family in Canada?) Of course! But, first I need to find one."

Speaking of the new year resolutions, Linda hopes to release her new album as soon as possible and to get agreement by viewers on all her roles. Of course she also hopes for good health, last year she had average health and this taught her to treasure the people around her, treasure life.

On the other side, Wong He although 'angry fired' Linda, he's still a good friend. When he saw her often having sleepless nights, he got her an aroma diffuser (for aromatherapy) as a 'dismissal fee' and he hopes she can get back to sleep. As for Christmas, Wong He has another 'new interest': "I will be having many stage performances in Guangzhou Province bars and will be spending it together with the 'yan jai'("little people" - meaning Chinese yuan)! It is (yan jai), not someone's wife (yan chai)!"

In the past year, regardless if it's Wong He or his friends, there has been great ups and downs. He has also learned a lot from his friends' serious consequences. As for himself, his career only got better in the last half year, he hopes to find a powerful extraordinary manager to help him break new grounds on his work outside of TV.

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