Saturday, December 04, 2010

TVB new series "The War of Heart "

The day before, Adam Cheng was shooting studio scenes for TVB series The War of Heart and encountered an accident. He lost his balance and fell into a 4 meter deep fake hole, injuring his right shoulder and sent to the hospital. His daugther Joyce Cheng learned of her father's accident and was frightened to tears. She even cried as she scold her father.

Yesterday the media contacted Adam, his wife (Koon Ching Wah) answered for him. She said Adam is currently resting, and after doctors examinations, there were no injuries on his shoulder or neck bones. The doctor prescribed him with painkillers and has to rest 6 days. However, Adam didn't want to interrupt the studio schedule, so went back to work today. At work, when his wife helped him put the medication on his shoulder, Adam could not help but shout out he was in pain. Adam said on the day of the accident, he had to look after the little girl who was shooting with him and be aware of his expressions, while saying his lines, so he completely forgot about his personal safety.

Joyce was frightened to tears when she heard about Adam's accident. She said after she heard about Adam being sent to the hospital, she lost contact with him and was very worried. Later, her father called her back and comforted her, telling her not to worry, he's fine. She thought about how her father had always had a lot of energy, and was afraid he's too hard working, thinking he's interrupting the filming schedule, so he'll force himself to get back to work, Joyce reminded her father: "You are not 20 years old anymore!"

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