Sunday, January 02, 2011

News : Links To Temptation ( TVB Series )

In TVB series Links To Temptation, Yoyo Mung plays a villain. Because her role is often hysterical, and have to learn to have hatred for people around her, it has taken up her energy. As her role sacrifices her body and sleeps with Timmy Hung, Yoyo laughed and said the bed scene was filled with laughter behind the cameras. After she started her relationship with Ekin Cheng, she has often been said to neglect her work and is too focused on dating. Yoyo said that time can prove everything and said 3 years ago when her mom passed away, she has started viewing the world differently. Fortunate to have a boyfriend by her side to get through life's down times: "I remember the day of my mother's funeral, Auntie told me that I can go up and have some soup anytime, that moment I felt really warm!"

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