Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Last night, Raymond Lam held the first show of COME 2 ME CONCERT IN MACAU. He invited Kate Tsui and Ron Ng as his guest performers. Wearing a tube top revealing her waist, Kate and Raymond did a hot and sexy dance together. When Ron appeared to join them, audience all stood up in excitement.

At the concert, Raymond was very enthusiastic and close to the audience. He took the initiative to go off the stage to shake hands with fans. Because he was surrounded all over by a swarm of fans, he had to call stop: "Don't pull me, grab my jacket."

Raymond also invited fan girls on stage for close interaction with his 'chok look'. He held the fan's hand, put his arm on their shoulder, hugged and lightly bumped into them, seriously making fans love him. Last night, TVB executive Virgina Lok and EEG executive Ng Yue came to support him.

Raymond expressed he did not know TVB got sold to new shareholders, but he firmly believes that changes will be "all good". Asked if Raymond felt that he lost a huge backer now that TVB's old boss Mona Fong is gone? He said: "Mrs. Fong watched me grow, she's a very good boss, my backer is TVB."

Is he worried that he can't defend his 'Asia-Pacific' title next year? Raymond said: "I haven't brought out this year's award to place on my award shelf yet. I'm planning to have good results on my upcoming Mandarin album first, before I take the award out." He also stressed that he is not familiar with Mona Fong: "In my personal life, I never met Mrs. Fong before." He also has not seen new boss Chan Kwok Keung yet, and joked that he's "probably the last person to know in TVB that there's a new boss."

Kate said that she does not know the new boss, as to the magazine reports saying that she's going to get the TV Queen award next year? She said: "Just joking, that good? Then I don't have to work so hard, rushing to complete filming to come over to Macau. The next morning, I have to start working again at 6am."

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I thought Raymond looks good with Bernice Liu: