Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beakdown of series "民國恩仇錄"

Prepared to be a bride, Sonija Kwok was shooting for a Mainland series in Shanghai yesterday and encountered an accident on the set. A minute before the accident, she was sitting by the toppling tower and was able to get away just in time after the staff told her to. Unexpectedly, the tower collapsed in a blink of an eye. She was very fortunately to have escape just in time, but according to news, there was about 21 cast and crew injured on the set. Four of them were critically injured. The incident is currently under investigation.

Yesterday afternoon, Sonija wrote on Weibo sharing her eye witnessed collapsing tower accident. She said: "I'm still panicking. Just a minute before the tower collapsed, I was sitting near the area. The heavens sent out an angel -- our makeup artist -- it was only [he/she] that called me back in to sit in the house was I able to escape from the accident. I hope the injured are ok, I will pray for them."

Experienced a life and death situation in just 60 seconds, Sonija was fortunate she escaped from calamity. She kept saying she was lucky and immediately notified her husband that she was fine. However, the post was deleted not long after. Steven Ma was extremely happy that Sonija was fine and asked about her safety on Weibo.

According to the investigation, the accident happened around 2:50pm at a studio in Shanghai. The series (民國恩仇錄) was in the middle of shooting when suddenly a beam on the set collapsed injuring over 20 people, 4 were critically injured. The majority of the injured were Extras. It was said that approximately 150 people were on the set. A Mainland reporter interviewed one of the injured female actresses at the hospital. She revealed some were in their costumes, some were very young girls and approximately 100 people were on the second floor. Suddenly the wooden panel on the second floor caved in and everyone started running, so the floor was bearing a lot of weight. Then the beam collapsed at that time.

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