Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best Actress Deanie Ip Tak Han

The fresh out of the oven Best Actress Deanie Ip Tak Han two nights ago celebrated with A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) team. As the international Best Actress, she said that her life changed a little but she has not have too many celebrations. Did she get a raise? She humorously said, "That would depend on whether I have to strip."

The film A SIMPLE LIFE earlier won many awards at the Venice Film Festival and even made Ip Tak Han the first Hong Kong actress to win the Venice Best Actress. To celebration the film's good performance, two nights ago the team including director Ann Hui On Wa, Ip Tak Han, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Helena Law Lan, Paul Chun Pui and Kung Suet Fa attended the celebration. Responsible for editing, Shi Nansun said that every time she watched A SIMPLE LIFE she would be moved to tears. Later when they posed with the four awards for photos, Hui On Wa accidentally dropped one.

Although she has already become an international Best Actress, Ip Tak Han has not met with any friend for dinner to celebrate yet. She only had instant noodle at home to reward herself. Her family praised her with "good job" and "well done". As for Wa Jai stating that he would not give her any gift, she agreed, "No need! I don't have to be greedy, he already gave me a great opportunity." For now no one has approached her about a movie. Did she get a raise? She said, "Few movies would be about seniors, I would worry about it when someone asks. Let's see if I have to strip." She also said that the award changed her life a little because lately the paparazzi often followed her. Yet she was not bothered. She only thought that they were flying over roofs and climbing over walls like lizards. If she was their mother her heart would ache very much.

In addition, A SIMPLE LIFE will be released next year. However in order to compete for the Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Award it will have advanced screening. Wa Jai said that he was not
certain of the operation. Was he confident about winning Best Actor? He stated that he did not dare to say. He was rumored to ask Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, Cherie Chung Chor Hung and Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam to work on a film, Wa Jai said, "I was rumored to ask Kwan Chi Lam to play Sister Peach too. Actually of course I hope this group of backbone to make movies in front of our eyes again, but for now I haven't contacted them about movies. I only approached them about the concert. (Was it because their salaries were too much?) The market decides the salary, as long as the market can withstand it then it is fine." Would he enjoy this film with his family. He immediately said that he would not respond to family matter.

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