Sunday, December 16, 2012

TVB new series Missing You

Linda Chung, Lin Xiawei and Jason Chan appeared at a shopping mall to promote for TVB new series Missing You. Recently a behind-the-scenes photo of Linda while she was shooting a commercial circulated online. In the photo, she was seen in a short tank top, revealing her career line. Netizens were surprised to see the conservative goddess turn into someone with such excellent body figure. Linda laughed: "I don't mind looking sexy. If there are clients that want me to dress sexily to shoot a commercial, I don't mind. As my mother says, when there is something to show while you're young, why not show it?" She said sexiness is about the feelings, as long as its healthy and no exposure. "Sexy happy price would be good, I don't want to frighten the clients." A recent report publicized TVB artists' salaries? Linda said: "The report said my income dropped, that is wrong. This year I earned a lot more than previous years. Actually my income increased, it has never dropped. I don't want clients to misunderstand."

When speaking of the TV Queen battle, Linda is feeling normal about it, she said: "As Wayne Lai said, asking voters for support does not necessarily mean people will vote for you. I'm already happy to be nominated. I saw I had good results on other website polls and gained a lot of love from audience and that is already comforting to me."

Lin Xiawei said she voted for her cousin Raymond Lam for TV King, "I watched his Highs and Lows. His role was very different from his previous roles. TV Queen, I voted for Kate Tsui because her drug queen role was a challenge."

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