Friday, June 07, 2013

Eric Tsang and Kenny Wee got into a dispute

December 5th of 2012, Eric Tsang and Suki Tsui's husband Kenny Wee got into a dispute at a friend's wedding reception. Kenny called the police and claimed someone slapped him and Eric was accused of common assault and criminal intimidation. He was once under arrest for investigation and had to report back to the police department periodically. After 6 months, the case was finally settled yesterday. Eric was released unconditionally. Yesterday Eric was at the police station to finish up the paperwork. He said: "Thank you all for the support and concern. The case is settled." Reporters contacted Kenny Wee, he replied expressing he didn't know what was going on and has no comment. After the 'slapping' incident at the wedding, Eric did not respond positively. He publicly said there was a mad dog randomly barking and disturbing the residents. This worsen the situation. On December 19th, there was new development on the slapping case, the police charged Eric for "common assault" and "criminal intimidation". Eric has very good relationships in the industry, many supported him. Oscar Leung was sued for libel because he supported Eric by criticizing Kenny Wee. Fortunately, TVB backed him up. Suki Tsui and Eric Tsang were initially friends, but because she had to support her husband, it was rumored she was "isolated" and lost a lot of job opportunities. As for Eric, he had been reporting back to the police station for 6 months, but that didn't affect him at all. He still threw a high-profile party to celebrate his 60th birthday earlier in April. Now that the case is officially settled, Eric and everyone concerned about him are relieved.

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