Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hong Kong Humorous Culture Exhibition

At the kick-off ceremony of Hong Kong Humorous Culture Exhibition recently, Hong Kong actor-comedian Cheung Tat-ming reassured the media and his fans that he has just stopped receiving his hospital's outpatient treatment and that he will exercise more to stay fit and keep his stamina up instead. The 48-year-old actor elaborated that he already quit smoking and binge drinking. As a result, his weight has seen a steady increase, although he still has to gain 10 more pounds to be considered healthy. As for his career plans, the actor said that he will return to Hong Kong's entertainment industry after he fully recovers. He joked and said "I will do more stand-up comedy shows in Hong Kong if I still alive!" Last September, Cheung was revealed to be suffering from metal poisoning as a side-effect from his chemotherapy, which then affected his mobility and nerves.

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