Tuesday, July 16, 2013

JJ Lin's Taipei concert

Not only did Jolin Tsai make a guest appearance at the second night of JJ Lin's Taipei concert last night, the Mandopop diva also played matchmaker for the Singaporean singer, after she spotted Hebe Tien in the audience. 'Let me help you fulfill your wish today,' she told JJ, who previously expressed his admiration for the S.H.E member on several occasions. Turning to Hebe, Jolin sang praises of JJ by commenting that he is a 'great guy' and asked if she would 'accept his invitation to be friends'. The songstress then went on to suggest that the two share a hug, while JJ shyly said, 'Thanks for coming to the concert tonight.' That was not the end of their interaction. The singer surprised Hebe with a cup of soy milk when he performed the song 'Dou Jiang You Tiao' (Soy milk and dough fritters), and asked for another hug, drawing deafening screams from the fans. During the segment where he was supposed to sit on the elevated swing to go around the arena, JJ again invited Hebe to go on the 'ride' with him and serenaded her with the sweet ballad 'Little Dimple'. Although JJ was fined NT$50,000 (approximately S$2,115) for the concert on Saturday which overran by five minutes due to his long speech, sales of the concert merchandise from his own fashion label raked in nearly NT$3 million (S$127,000) for the singer.

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