Tuesday, July 16, 2013

News : Coco Jiang

According to Hong Kong media reports, Chinese supermodel, Coco Jiang, has given birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday. The first-time mother was so excited to share the good news, she posted a pre-cleaned up photo of her daughter. The 36-year-old mother, who was accompanied by her husband throughout the delivery, revealed that she had partial anaesthesia. As such, the model-actress had a smooth delivery with little pain and felt calm for the whole process. Right after her delivery, a joyful Coco posted on weibo, 'I have given birth to a perfect baby. Every strand of hair and every eyelash is so perfect, I can't believe it myself!' Earlier this month, Coco had a pre-natal photo shoot to commemorate her pregnancy. When asked about her figure, she confessed to feeling uncomfortable with a bloated belly, especially during her initial stage of pregnancy. However, the actress added that she has learned to embrace it and feels happier than before. Entering motherhood for the first time, Coco wishes to be a mother who provides her child with a free and joyful environment to grow up in.

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