Wednesday, July 17, 2013

X-Factor-China's Strongest Voice Contest

International actress, Zhang Ziyi, who recently took on judging duties for reality singing contest The X-Factor-China's Strongest Voice, attended co-judge Eason Chan's LIFE concert show at Hong Kong last Sunday. The 34-year-old's presence refuted rumours of the two being at loggerheads with one another. However, halfway through the concert, the Chinese actress was caught yawning by Eason. The canto-pop singer even made a small gesture to '˜warn' her and said, 'The song numbers, which are mostly canto-pop, must be boring for you. I'll sing Chinese, English and even Thai songs for you next time!' Embarrassed, Ziyi immediately responded with a flying kiss which Eason graciously accepted and kept in his pocket. After the concert, the Chinese actress turned singing mentor went back stage to praise Eason for his wonderful performance and joked, 'My heart fluttered when Eason grabbed hold of my flying kiss. Keep up with the good work!'

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