Sunday, June 15, 2014

Building a Web Page with Dreamweaver - Step 3

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Step 3: Make and save a new HTML page

On the Welcome screen, click on the new HTML button to create a new web page. Or, if you don’t see the Welcome screen, select File > New from the menu, and click the HTML option on the subsequent screen that appears.

Notice that Dreamweaver automatically inserts the requisite code to make this page legible by browsers as a web page. Save this page by selecting File > Save from the menu, and name it “index.html” because it will be
the home page.

Notice how Dreamweaver automatically routes you to the project site to save the file. If it does not, make sure you browse to the project folder on your computer. After saving the file as index.html, notice that it appears in the Files panel.

After saving a new HTML file, it appears in the Files panel where your project folder is loaded.

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