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Live Tour in Japan

Arguably Korea's most well known boy band TVXQ is currently busy touring the land of the rising sun. Their 3rd Live Tour in Japan runs from March 19 - May 6, 2008.

With only short trips back to Korea, they will spend most of nearly two months in Japan, performing at a total of 8 cities. This time around, they will be performing at much larger venues compared to their first and second tours. In this third tour, the five fab boys will be thrilling a whopping 180,000 delirious Japanese & International fans. They will hold concerts at cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

Here are some statistics so you can grasp how big the boys have become in Japan.

1st Live Tour 2006 : Heart, Mind, Soul
7 cities, 11 shows - 15 thousand fans

2nd Live Tour 2007 : Five in the Black
10 cities, 16 shows - 58 thousand fans

3rd Live Tour 2008 - [T]
8 cities, 17 shows - 150 thousand fans


* eSeong NEtwork User Reviews *

* ) their fans are growing each year! from the second tour to the third tour the increase is really a big jump.
over the years they achieve so much. they def. deserve the fame and fans they have now.

* ) omg look at the statistics , the number of fans is growing so fast.
congrats and goodluck to all 5 of them they deserve all the fame they have now.

* ) i think its about time those boys go back to korea and make a korean album sad-smiley-065.gif i miss them so much lol....however, with SM trying to kick off SUJU's career, its going to be hard sad-smiley-065.gif

but then hey, nothing wrong with the japanese albums either, just that i wasn't too crazy about their new single.

good god, i wish i could go to one concert!

No Gain No Pain

Source: Kidults Mag April
Translated by Kat @
Mag scanned by Dream@

Do you remember “Heart of Greed”? After Alfred (played by Lam Fung) was in a car accident, he insisted on calling Seung Joi Sum in the phone booth and realised his dream. As they say life imitates art, in real life Fung also has this persistence, and works continuously to achieve his dreams. Today, let this young guy with drive and passion share his life philosophies.

Role as a big brother
Many parents will place high hopes on their eldest son, and hope he will set a good example for his younger siblings. As the eldest son in his family, does Fung feel a lot of pressure? “Since we were young, my parents had taught us that regardless of who is right or wrong, as the eldest brother I will always get punished! So everytime my younger brother or sister gets into trouble, I will also be punished! But because of this strict upbringing, I’ve grown up to be more careful and also taking thing seriously. Now I work in front of the camera, I always remind myself so I won’t make mistakes.” As the eldest brother in the family he gets punished often even if it’s not his fault, Fung laughs and says maybe because of this his brother and sister now respect him a lot as he had to be the “target” of punishments.

Calling home every hour
Many people know that Fung has a strict family, so now he has developed good self-discipline. “When I was young I wasn’t allowed to go out at night. After school I have to go home straight away and if I was late I had to explain it to my family. I remember once when I went home late Dad’s punishment was me kneeling on the floor, and he used the broom stick to hit me. The force even made the broom stick bent!” Ever since, Fung has learnt to be more responsible, “Everytime I went out with friends, I would call home every hour and tell them I’m safe, so they will not be worried.” Many people would view calling home every hour as very tedious, plus it’s a very difficult thing to do for many rebellious youths. “Maybe it’s because I’m the eldest son, I knew how to step into other person’s shoes and be aware of their feelings, if this can make my family less worried, why wouldn’t I do it? My family never had the notion of “owning something for ourselves”, we would give selflessly and also like to share. Everything we do, our first priority is “the family”.” As he always think for others no wonder Fung can be harmonious with many different people!

How you live is how you act
The Fung in front of us has a good upbringing (bad translation I know, but I can’t think of anything else! - translator) and gives people the impression that he’s is dependable. Actually, he was already like this when he was still studying. “My father’s teaching is ‘before doing something, you need to learn how to be a person’ the philosophy I still remember it now. As I am the eldest, my parents would take me to social functions when I was younger. As I see more of the world I learnt more and know how to handle different situations and can do it better than others.” To learn how to handle different situations, Fung says the best place to learn is at school. “At school there are different types of students, some are ‘bookworms’ - weaker when it comes to organising activities, some are very outgoing - but their results are not the best.” Fung laughs and says he is of the latter kind, and participated in many extracurricular activities. “I was part of the school swimming team, also participated in recitations, and was the conductor of the choir! I think students should participate in extracurricular activities, meet students from different years, expand your circle of friends, meet more people so you can learn how to deal with others.” But Fung emphasises, studying is still the foundation, so young people should concentrate on their studies.

What you can solve yourself is not a problem
Fung had studied architecture at University of Southern California. By coincidence he did not continue his studies and entered the entertainment industry. When asked about his struggles when he first entered the industry, he says, “for a 19 year old guy it was a huge decision. My parents were actually very worried. But I feel whatever I can solve myself is not a problem. So I decided to give it a try. I believe that in life you have to keep on trying to have the chance of success!” All parents in this world love their kids. When he first entered the industry, his parents worried a lot, but after visiting him on the set once, their worries were gone. “They came to visit me when I was filming in China, they saw that I was taking my work seriously and when I was tired I fell asleep on horseback. Since then, they understand that I’m not just fooling around and actually work very hard. Then they are not worried anymore.” Fung says playfully, now when his parents call when he is working, they will hang up immediately. So he doesn’t have to call them every hour like he used to!

Dont’ care about reporters
The famous people would normally avoid the gossip magazines and paparazzi, Fung is not an exception. Even though during holidays he can go yum cha with his family, but his family are afraid of going out to eat with him. And he would rather spend time resting at home, to avoid the reporters making up reports and taking photos. “The development of photo altering technologies is scary, so whatever effect you would like, you can do that on the computer.” In the past there had been conflicts between artists and the paparazzi, so has Fung thought about taking action to fight back? “Of course not, this will just waste my time and energy. It’s better to concentrate on tomorrow’s work.”

Fight for life
Even though he could’ve been an architect, but Fung chose the uncertain path of being in the entertainment industry. This puzzles a lot of people. Fung says with ease, “At different times, everyone had to face a decision-making moment, the most important is to understand your abilities and hobbies, then give everything to achieve it after careful thought. Then just do your best!” Fung started off as an unknown actor and now he is an actor/singer and an idol for many youths. This is the result of his beliefs. Fung points to his eye bags and says, “I had expected a lot of hard work before I entered this industry. I decided on this path because I wanted to challenge myself, see this eye bag of mine, previously I didn’t have any dark circles!” Everyone laughed after hearing this.

When we met him for the first time, in the beginning Fung introduced himself, “I’m Lam Fung ar!” He is easygoing and also gives the impression of being a big kid. During the interview we understood his emotions throughout his career. Through him we’ve learn “What you get is what you put in”. If you want to succeed there are no shortcuts. Looks like Fung had put in a lot of hardwork in the background! Young people should set goals and work towards them wholeheartedly. The readers of “Kidults” - we believe that you can do it too!

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) it only made me like Raymond more. I started liking him because..haha, he looked coOl, and at first sight, due to his skin tone, resembled Louis a little. But then as I delve in deeper, I realised there were more to that. From EH till HOG, I can see him improving in his acting skills and techniques, a result of his hard work. And not only is he talented in acting, he can sing too. Maybe it's not a large variety of songs since his songs, up till now, tend to be more of the ballad, melacholy type. But I totally don't mind because he's good at them and I love him because of such songs. =D I love all the drama themes/sub-themes he sang and I'm glad he decided to pursue his interest and ability in this arena by debuting as a singer. Tough job, but I'm sure he can make it with his perserverance.

Another thing I repect him for is his courage. I'm amazed that he gave up a more stable lifestyle of just working in his dad's company or just taking on a regular job and instead took on the uncertain road of being an artiste. It's a huge decision to make, I feel. It's like giving up an iron rice bowl for something where hardwork does not necessarily translate into results.

And reading this article made me confirm my liking for him! =P I'm glad his dad held a tight rein over him when he was young. That made him mature fast and have that sense of responsibility in him, which I feel is the most attractive thing about him. happy.gif He sounds very close to his family and I think it's somethig difficult to achieve in this time and age, especially when he's away for filming for months at times and I guess his father would be busy with work too. I'm glad the lack of time hasn't affected their relationship. Sounds like his siblings are very close to him as well. I love warm families!!! I'd love to have such a brother. He can help the young ones out when they meet a tough decision in life or when something troubling hits, because he's already so used to these problems!

Looks are temporary at best but with his perserverance, courage and talents, he's gonna capture my heart for a long, long time...

* ) Man raymond is very responsible person..i guess his upbringing has alot 2 do wif his current behaviour...very good parenting.....

before knowing him....his image presenting alot like a party boy 2 the public..rebellious...but rather on the contravery.

* ) Ray is another person that I love as an idol and respect in terms of his character and value. I love how he is so responsible towards his family and he is focused on his career! His family should be and is so proud of him.

Mute And improve on filming ?

Yesterday downtown Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Fala Chen was seen running around, her appearance looked pityful. She attracted many passerbyers to look on. It turns out that she was filming a scene for new series "Heart of Greed II". In the series, Fala plays a mute girl, the scene talked about her first day at work and she has to deliver some letters, but because she has never worked before, she was unfamiliar with the streets, then she really wanted to ask the people on the street for help. Asked Fala if in usual days does she do exercises? She said: "Usual days, I don't really exercise, today I had to run from 10am-5pm!" When it was time for a break, she did not sit and rest, she immediately went to change her flat shoes to sneakers. Asked if she would accept more swim wear shows, she said: "at the moment I will not! I want to focus on filming."

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) it's good that fala chen wants to focus on filming
shes gona improve really fast and get better

* ) awwww....i cant wait to watch HOG2. i wonder how fala is gonna do as a mute girl. everyone seems to be having a disability these days =\

* ) a mute girl role, I thought those roles were reserved for Shirley? omg Stephen Chan's going to give Fala Best Actress this year rolleyes.gif

jokes aside, hope Fala continues to improve.

* ) One reason why I want to watch HOG2 is because of Fala's characters. This will probably be her first good-girl character and I really want to watch her doing the sign languages.

* ) i personally think fala has improved quite a bit and is continuing to do so...
her performance in A journey called life was solid, to say the least

hence, it would be interesting to see how she would be able to pull this off...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

" Up Close " Guests is Show Lo

Show Lo Guests on "Up Close," emotionally, tears fall.

When we bring up Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Lo, everyone will think of a bunch of nicknames : Asia's New Generation Dance King, Present Idol Singer, Taiwan Variety Show King.....On April 26, Show Lo brought his newest album "Wu Suo Bu Zai - Show Your Dance" to guest on CETV's popular Saturday talk show "Up Close." In a quiet and comfortable ambience, Show very relaxingly revealed himself to the host Li Jing, and showed his other side that people rarely see. Never crying on TV shows, this is the first time Show broke this record, and had his tears fall! Good thing Li Jing very swiftly calmed him to continue the program running smoothly!

Even Until Today, He Can't Face The Loss Of His Father

Speaking of his father's passing away in 2005, Show had always used a very "odd" way to heal, "I feel like my dad went to another place for vacation, or divorced my mother." Show was the first artist to stand upon Taipei's Dome Arena to hold a concert, and had specially saved a spot for his father. But his father was deeply ill and didn't make it. He sang "Li Liang [Strength]" for his father. After his father passed away, Show is afraid to ever sing that song. When the show replayed that video clip, Show couldn't control his emotions and choked up!

The First Time Responding About the Rumors With Jolin Tsai

Show Luo, who says he's been single for a long time, was once the "Rumored Relationship Champion" of 2003! When he was younger he had liked "hot chicks" that wore miniskirts, but with time, Show has a new love standard : "I like the girl-next-door type that act coquettishly, that are filial and thoughtful." In facing rumors with Jolin Tsai, this was the first time he's responded about it, "She's like my sister, it's because we met each other really early, so there are no feelings." Because Show seems to be the lady's man, he had once helped his "sisters" buy sanitary supplies before!

Show Luo Denies Using "President Chou" [Jay Chou] For News

Entering the business for 10 years now, the undulations of his career has toughened his determination. "I want to have my father very proudly say that Show is his son." This has been Show's biggest motive. Mainland Chinese media had once exposed "Show only makes friends with popular people," implying Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou. "I was very angry when the news came out, they didn't know that when Jolin first came out I was already acquainted with her, and even before Jay came into the business I already knew him. You should say that at the time, I was more popular, but maybe because later they became even more popular, so the news came out that way!"

King Lau's [Andy Lau] Immense Help

Show's success had help from lots of people, and the person he wants to thank is Andy Lau. King Lau is very caring of Show. At an awards ceremony celebratory party, the people in front holding champagne were all big winners of the night, then Andy Lau was in front calling Show to come pour the champagne with him. Show felt overwhelmed by the favor of such a great superior. Afterwards, at each celebratory party he'd call him out. When he got the chance to thank him, Andy Lau actually just digressed from the topic.

Source: Sina
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show's International English Forum

*Show's official documented surname is "LO" not "LUO" , "LUO" is just the Han Yu Pin Yin of his surname. It may be spelled differently depending on where in Asia you reside.*

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) wow first time hearing about show crying. can tell that that is a big weak spot for him. but its ok, fans here will always support you!

* ) Aw... nice to hear some Show news! He seems so down to earth... he's not afraid to let the public see him in all his moods and that's what makes him so endearing. It makes people feel like they can connect with him and that's so important in being a role model. <3 Show

* ) Show is very down-to-eath and he is grateful to all those people who have helped him propel to his current fame..
he is not the type of person who only enjoys befriending famous people~ that will b too fake for him~ he just enjoys making friends..

and his willingness to buy sanitary products for his "sisters" shows that he is not egoistical but instead he is a considerate guy~

* ) aww bless him, xiao zhu's so cuute ^^' he kinda reminds me of a female version of ella haha xD cos he can be funny and bubbly and doesn't really care what other people think of them, so they can do really silly things but still manage to pull it off hehe xD but they also have a softer side ^^

* ) "Show was the first artist to stand upon Taipei's Dome Arena to hold a concert, and had specially saved a spot for his father. But his father was deeply ill and didn't make it. " Aw, so sweet of him. too bad his father could't come. it's sad that so many taiwanese artists has lost someone close to them sad-smiley-065.gif

Aww he cried! Hwe's so funny and bubbly! sad-smiley-065.gif Poor Show.

Rumuor of him making friends with famous peoples is really..rude and unsensative. Thats like saying he uses people! Rude!

Haha, him buying sanitary napkins is sweet of him. I think most guys would be embarressed and be like "eww!" but hes not biggrin.gif

Thats also nice of Andy Lau to help him

* ) xiao zhu ge is the type of person who 'ging zhu' w/ everything like least he's able to face reality and face the facts that his father is gone instead of lying to himself...crying it out is the real way to face his biggest fear and his problem...i'm glad he did i hope he'll talk it out w/ his mother because he's not the only one who has to go thru it but his mother as well...

Rain Discuss On Speed Racer

Jeong Ji-hoon is the It Korean star at the moment as he makes his Hollywood debut in Speed Racer, which is zooming into Malaysian cinemas on May 8

In an interview with the 26-year-old, the Korean superstar shares about his perseverance in grasping the English language (he talks to himself at cafes - this I gotta see!) and how the Wachowski Brothers offered him the lead in Ninja Assassin (it was over bulgogi and kimchi! No kidding).

Mind Your English

Rain delivers some English lines in Speed Racer and to get things as perfect as possible, the Energizer Bunny sought the help of his American co-stars.

He says, "From the start, I admitted that I was learning English and asked them to tell me if I pronounced something wrong. My fellow actors also corrected my usage and monitored my scenes with care."

The Korean actor, who is making his Hollywood debut in a supporting role as Taejo Togokhan also reveals a method he uses to practice English: "It has become a habit to sit at a coffee shop and ask questions and answer them myself.

"My English is still at a conversational level, but by next year, I hope to be able to speak comfortably in a formal setting."

Apart from monologues at cafes, Rain also watches TV to help him grasp the language.

"I watched Lost, Prison Break and Entourage to study English, and it was nice to meet Matthew Fox, the main character of Lost. He is handsome, and I tried hard to get close to them."

Err...OK, good for you Rain :-P.

The green screen & Hollywood co-stars

So, how awkward was it to act in front of the green screen?

"It was embarrassing to stare into space and recite lines with nothing there," Rain reveals. "But after the second time, I got used to it and it was fun."

"There is a scene where I punch Emile Hirsch. I still remember people at the monitors telling me that I did really well," he adds.

Ever since he was young, the Korean actor has admired Susan Sarandon, who plays Mom Racer in the flick. So it meant a lot to Rain when Sarandon surprised him by sending him a congratulatory letter.

"Susan Sarandon complimented my acting. It was like a dream. Later, she asked me for an autograph (on his CD), saying that she saw my performance on YouTube. She also sent a letter congratulating my Hollywood debut, and I have it safe at home."

Ninja Assassin, bulgogi and kimchi

Ever the enterprising Korean ambassador, Rain invited the cast and crew of Speed Racer to a Korean restaurant in Berlin for bulgogi and kimchi. It was then that the Wachowski Brothers told him about Ninja Assassin.

The Matrix filmmakers said to him: "You work very hard. There's something we've been preparing for 10 years. Do you want to do it?"

The Energizer Bunny innocently replied: "Sure, who's the main character?"

The filmmakers answered: "It's you."

Jung Ji-hoon vs. Taejo Togokhan

It is being reported that Jung Ji-hoon was unfortunately introduced as Taejo Togokhan during the premiere of Speed Racer at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on April 26. It looks like people can't seem to differentiate him from his character.

The name mix-up wasn't limited to the announcements as he is also listed as "actor Taejo Togokhan" in the caption of a photograph of him with co-star Sarandon!

Name glitches aside, Rain had this to say about Speed Racer after the preview.

"I’m very satisfied (with the movie). One, I had the opportunity to work with highly-acclaimed directors, and two, the output is really good. I’m very satisfied."

Source: HanCinema, Digital Chosunilbo & Indulging in Rain's World
Pics credit: IESB & Wireimage
translations: kpopped

* ) i've been waiting for speed racer to come out... ahh i wanna watch it and see him on the big screen..
ninja assassin ... i wanna see that..

* ) i recently saw the trailer to speed racer and i didn't see him anywhere in it..the movie looks like a lot of special effects..when i saw it the trailer it didn't make me watch to see it..

* ) i personally do think tat his more better looking with long hair!! like his latest mv too!!


So all this time .. we tried to bring some sense to these senseless kpop fans, hoping they could help out to limit sushi appearances all over the place … and what happened? nothing! you guys even went join their fan club and went gah gah over their cutesy image! Here, this is what happens supporting Sushi!!! Enjoy your oppas being touched with those 9 member ‘Virigins’ from all over the body in the name of work and Cf making … oh yeah cuz your DBSK oppas have signed an Anycall ad with SNSD! and hopefully if the response is great there will be further sequels!

From what we read there will be 3 versions of the CF,
1. Tiffany+ 2 DBSK members (One is Yuhno, for sure)
2. JeTiYoon aka Roommates (Jessica, Tiffany, Yoona) +
Changmin, Yunho, and Micky (couplings in respected orders)
3. All SNSD + All DBSK

The Picture Ad pairings
Yoochun - Yoona
Junsu - Taeyoen
Yunho - Tiffany
Jaejoong - Jessica
Changmin - Sunny

Oh and of course, it’s for work and your oppas are heck more professional that after numerous hours of touchy feely moments with bunch of giggly virgins even think for a single second to ask for phone number (or being forced to accept the phone number? or find a phone number in their pant’s pocket?) Oh and i am so laughing at those fans that even saved up money to buy a certain Sushi member a $800 cellphone for her Birthday!

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Indeed. LOL
I can smell fan hate.

Anyway, only closed-minded people will react against this.
People need to grow up and understand that they are celebrities.
And celebrities need to do pairings and "pretend" sometimes, so NO BIG DEAL.

* ) "virgins" know dayum well some of those girls ain't pure...i don't know why they be faking the funk for..that's why I like SooYoung because she admit that she watches porn & she's suppose to be squeaky clean...HAHAHAHAHA!!
That's one of the reasons why I don't like SNSD much because they are so fake. I don't like them as a whole but individually I like a few because of personality wise but as a group hell no..

any who..Jessica & Jaejoong aren't they supposedly rumored exes & now they are playing couple...hmmm it may be a rumor but who's to say working together might "rekindle"
Jessica is one of those non-virgins i'm talking about with her countless rumors. they may be rumors but there has to be some truth behind it, right?

I think SooYoung will do better with Changmin instead of Sunny. Since both watches porn why not put the porn freaks together...

any who i'll still watch the CF
but I think it sucks that the more talented female group in SM isn't getting any kind of promotional love or CFs with the male singers/groups of SM. I think they should since they been in the game longer than the newbie group.
First SNSD gets a CF with SUJU & now DBSK.
Where is the love for CSJH The Grace? They are WAY talented then SNSD...
stupid SM...

* ) i have a feeling these CF gonna cause huge commotion among the fans. *shudders*
jaejoong and jessica, kinda expected whistle.gif
snsd have been filming quite a number of CF, not long ago, din they just film a CF with SuperJunior, and now with dbsk.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Andy Lau Too Happy

Yesterday, Andy Lau led his two sons to the “Andy Lau Wonderful World Hong Kong Concert 2007” blue ray DVD signing in Kowloon. He was notified that the sales for the concert DVD broke the DVD sales record on the first day. Andy was ecstatic. He said the concert DVD was filmed using HD so all the imperfections will be shown. But Andy was confident in his looks and does not believe that HD filming will put him under stress. Andy said: “At the start of the concert, I was all sweaty from the lasers. My makeup melted after three songs. I nearly had no makeup on but the effects were better. For the movie “All About Love”, I went to Thailand to learn about HD makeup techniques. Since I didn’t learn much, I didn’t use it. I rather spend an extra hour doing facials before going on camera.”

The torch bearer list for the Olympic fire in the Hong Kong area was revealed yesterday. Andy was on that list. He expressed that it was highest honour when they told him. He has kept up with his running so there would be no problem with his physical form. Andy said he would follow the organizer’s rule and portray a dignified attitude. He is most happy that he can have that torch as a memorabilia. Andy said: “Of course I would place it in my house.” The reporter asked if he was afraid of protestors during the course of the run. He said: “Don’t know. The government will have protection so we don’t need to think about it.”

It has been widely speculated that Andy will marry his long time girlfriend of 23 years, Carol Chu. Lately, his friend Kent Tong was interviewed in mainland China. He exposed that Andy and Carol has been together the entire time and if they were to get married, then it will be the fruition of their love. Kent also explained that Andy does not have any children but he has encouraged Andy to have children while he is still young. Andy was prepared when he was interviewed about this topic. Andy was all smiles when he heard the name “Kent Tong”. After the reporter was finished asking his question, Andy responded: “I advise him to speak up less. I have talked about it a few days ago. I don’t want to talk about this right now. If you need to ask, ask Michael Miu and Kent.” The reporter asked if Andy was angry at Kent. Andy said: “I would talk to him privately about

source: mingpao
translations: asianblog

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) o wow, Andy's HD concert DVD beat Sammi's last year?? I guess it's the massive fanbase. I thought Sammi's record would be hard to beat considering that she has been out of the limelight for a long time prior to her concerts..and that Sammi's concert was highly anticipated.

* ) Congrats to Andy! it is a honor to be a torch bearer. And I cna't believe that he gets to keep the torch!

* ) congrats on andy.jus had 2 say but...his 2 sons look so cute!

Hollywood on Rain

Singer and actor Rain had an embarrassing moment at the premier of his Hollywood debut film "Speed Racer" at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday. The 26-year-old Korean superstar was introduced as Taejo Togokhan, the name of his character in the movie, instead of his real name Jung Ji-hoon, or his better-known stage name.

The premier drew reporters from around the world, come to see the latest work by directors Andy and Larry Wachowski, the creators of the worldwide blockbuster "The Matrix." Several Hollywood luminaries also turned out, including Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins and Jon Voight.

The first Wachowski movie in five years, "Speed Racer" is based on a Japanese animation called "Mach GoGoGo" about aspiring young car racers. Anticipation is building among movie lovers eager to see how the innovative directors, known for the revolutionary visual style they pioneered with the "Matrix" series, will use the latest computer technology to tell the tale.

Rain's name mix-up wasn't limited to just the announcements -- he was also listed as "actor Taejo Togokhan" in the caption of a photograph of him with costar Susan Sarandon. The mistake would be like writing Sarandon's name as "Mom Racer."

The publicists managed to get the name of Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada, who also appears in the movie, printed correctly. Having spotted the error, the foreign press corrected the Korean actor's name.

Meanwhile, Rain is set to tour to Asia, the U.S. and Europe to promote the film, kicking off with a stop here at home where the movie is slated to open on May 8.

* eSeong Network User Reveiws *

* ) LMAO....dayum poor Rain they called him by his character..well what a way to debut in America...
oh well at least it's better than them butchering his name.

* ) yeah. it would be ok to mistake his name one time.. but 2 times.. and to top it off .. they got the japanese guy's name right... me thinks this shows that rain is FORGETTABLE in hollywood

* ) ol...buhahahaha
i wanted to sympathise him but his pic just made me dislike him more...

Happy Dating at a Movie Premiere

The movie “Iron Man” held it’s premiere yesterday night and attracted many celebrities including Thai action actress Jija Yanin, Janet Ma (Top HK model), Power Chan, Natalie Tong. The hosts for the night were Mimi Lo and Amigo Chui.

Mimi and her boyfriend Power Chan happily took photos for the media. They appeared to be enjoying their date. But the rumoured couple of many years Natalie Tong and Amigo did not approach each other. Natalie says “ I have come to support Amigo and I am used to the rumoured news. It’s better to be rumoured with one person rather than many others. Asked whether she would host a show with Amigo one day? She jokes “That sound’s good, let me suggest that to the company”.

Translated by: kingkongit27 @ Asian EU
Source: Mingpao

* eSeong Network USer Reviews *

* ) oh wow. didn't know that mimi lo and power chan were dating. and who's amigo???

* ) AWWWWWW so cute hehe (: yeah, they started dating after that ancient series.. ( i forgot the name ) lala. i love power & mimi ! soo kute

Kim Hee Chul vs Anti-Super Junior


translations: brenda choi

Kim Hee Chul, the second older member of the korean pop group Super Junior appealed to Dimple Dance Radio station today to make a clear distinction in some reports between Super Junior (13 members) and Super Junior-M in China that has made headlines over the net right before SJ-M's debut.

He praised net columnists that are making this distinction but expressed concerns about others who are perpetuating mistruths about their group, whose members are getting affected by the wrong judgements of others.

Hee Chul said that it is very confusing to the public when some "Anti SJ Movement" evoking Super Junior to disband and using his agency and group's name to describe the "greediness of money".

He reiterated that ELF, with thousands of members, and his agency SM Entertainment are not connected in any way to that.

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) wat is wrong wid ppl?im sure suju will prob stay as 13 members.its annoyin when ppl make up false statements therefore makin every1 freak out n start havin certain says abt issues.y cant suju fans jus support suju m?dere jus a subgroup!

* ) "He reiterated that ELF, with thousands of members, and his agency SM Entertainment are not connected in any way to that."

Umm.. except ELF are the one who came up with it in the first place, lmao. Nobody thought SM was adding people to Super Junior until ELF came along with their Only 13 mess. Then everybody started hating Super Junior M for no good reason, just because they thought the two new people were being added to regular Super Junior! lmfao

* ) The whole mess started with SM stating that Super Junior was/is a project group and that fans along with members misunderstood for two years. It follows with Lee Soo Man telling fans in an interview that he would like to add 20, 30, 100 members to Super Junior. No one put any words into SM's mouth, they were the ones who said that themselves. However, they could still come out and clarify everything if ELF is still 'misunderstanding' but they choose not to.

And yes, we're tired. We're tired of explaining to pro-sjm that no one hates Henry and Zhoumi as artists and why Kyuhyun was okay but Henry and Zhoumi are not. I'm pretty sure if you did your research better, you would understand why. And if that isn't enough to satisfy you, then nothing will. So just go, go and be merry with SJM.

Bloggger Fixxing Bug On April 18th

April 18th Fixes

* The “Add another image” link in the image upload box now works even if you haven’t filled in a URL.
* The labels field in the post editor autocompletes more predictably when one label starts with the same words as another.
* URLs in the Name / URL part of the comment form are now validated.
* Header fixes for the 897 and 565 templates.
* The draft / published / scheduled filters on the Edit Posts list now work reliably in Internet Explorer.
* Videos uploaded through Sony Ericsson phones now appear as enclosures in the blog’s Atom and RSS feeds, so they can be retrieved with a video podcast client.
* Miscellaneous typos and translations corrected.

Other Recent Changes:

* New blogs have OpenID commenting enabled by default.
* XFN rel="me" links between blogs and profiles.
* Adding more than 5 poll choices now works in Internet Explorer.
* The search box on the Edit Posts page is now available in all supported languages.
* The “www” redirect option is now available for custom domains that end in “”
* New “Related Resources” box on the Dashboard links to AdSense, Google Reader, and Picasa Web Albums.

Source :

Michelle Williams Battling with Maggie Q

Maggie Q battles with Michelle Williams

Maggie Q...clad in a skimpy, barely-there outfit...if that doesn't capture your attention then we don't know what will. Her part in the sexual thriller "Deception" may only be a few minutes long but it is sure to turn heads. In fact, one would think Maggie's manager had carefully plotted a devious little plan to get her cast in the highest number of seductive, memorable roles. There was her leggy red dress appearance in M:I:3, her sexy vicious villain in Die Hard 4.0 and yet another appearance in a...err...barely-there oufit in Balls of Fury. The pattern in her choice of roles are more than obvious but Q claims otherwise.

"I never set out to play these so called sexy roles," Maggie says, "I also never set out to play these tough roles I'm always landing. I'm always in a boy's movie. Even in the Chinese film Three Kingdoms, my character was supposed to be male."

Perhaps that's why she auditioned for the leading role in "Deception", alongside Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor. It would have been a different side to Maggie we're still waiting to see -the role called for sex appeal, which Maggie already has pat down, but she would have to take that a step further as a dark and secretive yet vulnerable woman. But that role was eventually given to Michelle Williams.

"Well it was down to either me or Michelle," laughs Maggie, "but I don't feel so bad because you know what, Michelle is an Oscar-nominated actress and I a way...the audition allowed me to realise where I stood as an actress. I mean, I was the second choice after all and Michelle is an amazing actress. She's so talented I could die."

Well said, as the "Deception" director and producers must have seen enough dramatic talent in Maggie to call up her agent and ask for Maggie's participation despite her missed opportunity in the starring role.

"Marcel called and said, 'We have to have Maggie in this film' and I felt so happy -so honored. Originally, I was only meant to film 'Live Free or Die Hard' and that was all. But being able to take part in a film with Hugh and Ewan? I was over the moon!"

Following "Deception" is a role alongside Ethan Hawke in a segment of "New York, I Love You". The plot of her short story as well as her role is to be kept top secret. At least for now.

"I can't say. It's too early. But I can tell you that my character is very intriguing and I'm so glad to star in a movie that isn't action," she smiles.
"I mean I love action, it's my first love. But I don't want to be pigeonholed as the stereotypical Asian action girl. With my role in "Deception"...I know it's a small one, but I was able to show my skills beyond action. I know I can prove that I can be the driving force of a film. I have the acting capabilities."

And with confidence like Maggie's, it's crystal clear where she'll be heading. Up, up and away.

credit: nydailynews

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) michelle i never really liked her much & never saw how great she was..all i can remember of her is the lil'b*tch on dawson's creek that caused trouble for dawson & joey in the beginning now she's iight i guess.
Well at least Maggie is still in the movie.

* ) If she's comparing herself to Michelle Williams, she has some things coming to her. I don't think her acting skill is anywhere near Michelle's skills, she just sounds really really arrogant here.

* ) er..maggie q has a 6 finger forehead and looks really bad in that lingerie..i dont want to be mean but why would anyone pick that..its so gross
anyways shes not a very good actress..and the line: she's so talented i could die..
erm..ok..shes not that talented but yeah

* ) Maggie is indeed hot there is no question about that but like most people have mentioned, she seems quite arrogant. I guess you got to have an attitude if you went out with Edison.

* ) Hmm I looking at several pictures from the movie and also past pictures..I don't think Maggie is all that "hot!" She is pretty but compare to other Asian actress she is not all that great. I think she look really old especially in recent pictures and very dry. Most of the Asian tend to have this refreshing feeling/look about them which I think make them special as compare to other Caucasian actress. Even Shu Qui look fresh and alluring even though she have a sexy image!

As for acting.....two thumps down!!! In most of the movies I seen of her, she doesn't have any emotion on her face. She always seem to give off that squinty, bedroom eye look even when the scene don't require one.

It great that she is getting role in Hollywood but I think there are better Asian actress out there who can do so much better acting and look.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

”Super Trio Supreme” lost many Viewers

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Hong Kong

Eric Tsang hosted “Super Trio Wonder Trip” and the first episode received 54 complaints and the second episode had 22 complaints. On March 23, the third episode received nine new complaints including six complaints sent to the broadcasting authority and three sent to TVB. The complaints mainly state that the games such as removing nose hair, 夾衫夾, and 彈乒乓波 promote violence, cruelty, and dangerous behaviors. It also makes people uneasy and affects the children which make it unsuitable to be broadcasted in the current time slot. The average ratings were 26 points for the third episode. It lost five points since the second episode which translate to 315000 less viewers.

Last night, Eric filmed a new episode for “Super Trio Supreme”. The guests were Freeze, Elanne Kwong, Ken Wong, I Love You Boyz, Fama and others. Freeze, “The Sexy Trio” aka “Plastic Surgery Beauties/Trio”, was the target of pranks and jokes. They were made fun of for their “fake large breasts”. They didn’t mind the jokes. During the game 大咕窿, Freeze revealed their white bikini and gave the audience some eye candy. They were pushed into the water by Eric. Ken was given some special treatment because he was able to hug and kiss the members of Freeze. He was very lucky with the ladies.

Ken had to carry all three members of Freeze using his body. He kissed Alley Chan and Carisa Yan. They joked: “You’re getting these benefits since you are one of us!” Ken said: “Real good recommendations but my legs are sore!” Ka-Lok Chin said: “My eyes are also sore!” Elanne let go her image as a singer and was absorbed in the game play.

Freeze said that they didn’t feel like they were targeted. They said that Eric was being gentle with them. As for the “fake big breasts” comment, Alley and Suki Shek had a relatively immense reaction. They said: “It’s real! But it was most important that everyone had a good time. Don’t mind it. We were ready to risk everything since the first day.” Ken replied to comments that he was lucky with the ladies and said: “Guess so! I didn’t bribe the host. They are good friends and brothers. I’ll remember them for the rest of my life.”

credits: asian-gossip.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Such Sulks

What ever happens, I'm still gonna watch it!

You have my support!

* ) -.- prob freeze's apperanace that made them lose the audience

* ) lol HK people are so stubburn , i mean its just a show, not like its gunna teach little kids to pull nose hair and carry chicks with their bodies, i mean if u dont like it , just turn it off,
these peoeple are just bored and have nothing to do so they want to be faggets.

* ) God why does HK people have to make such a big fuss about everything? ITS JUST A GAME SHOW, damn..... im still going to watch it Rawr!

* ) I'm actually not surprised...
From watchin the first 3 eps explorin games (whatever they called it)
So mo liew...

Can't compare it to the old series, plus they dun have the other guy in it

* ) lol i bet it was most of the females that complained, i mean What Man would complain about this kinda (freeze) group, they can sing , they can dance and they're hot ^^
lol females are so 無聊 to complain bout this

Hacken Lee Planning For New Concert

Jan Lamb (林海峰), Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Sandra Ng (吳君如) attended the launch of a new CRHK children's radio show <為小晴朗一天出發> today.

Hacken will be singing the themesong for the show and was named as the ambassador for the show, whilst Sandra was appointed as the show's "mother". The three celebrity parents joined some young guests at the event and also shared stories about their own experiences with their children.

Jan has also designed a mascot for the show in the form of Little Chick (小雞仔). He said that the inspiration for the figure with a pointy beak came from a picture that his own daughter had drawn. He laughed that his daughter has reached the age where she has started to ask some awkward questions, such as "how do you kiss mummy?". Jan revealed that he deals with it by sending her back to seleep.

Sandra is currently looking for a good school to send her daughter to and as a result, many people have asked her for advice on which is a good school. She laughed that this has made her realise the effect that celebrities can have on people.

A magazine recently published a photograph of Sandra with her family, but she had covered her daughter's face with her hand to protect her identity. She laughed that when she was covering her daughter's face, the little girl kept asking what the matter was. She said proudly that her daughter is extremely intelligent.

Hacken was asked about recent reports suggesting that he was among the stars who have already booked in for concerts at the Coliseum following its refurbishment, planned for next year. He admitted that they have applied for some dates next year, just after the re-fit around Chinese New Year. He explained that after Alan Tam (譚詠麟) appeared as a guest at his concert, the producers had suggested another round of Left Alan Right Hacken <左麟右李> concerts. Hacken recalled fondly that they had shared some very happy times during the tour, when they performed nearly 100 shows together.


* eSong Network User Reviews *

* ) Yays, Hacken Lee is having an concert in 2009, i want to see it!

* ) Wow! A new show for childrens, I love this. Hope I have a chance to listen to this. Jan is so funny... All the actors and actress is having children now. .. Man I am getting old.

* ) 左麟右李 is nice lo..wish so, they will held is again in future...

Replies From Super Junior To ELF

You can't please everyone all the time, but when you're a famous pop star carrying all sorts of cuteness, you can give it your best shot. Super Junior is a case in point. Super Junior members are now becoming well-known in Asia. Fame hasn't changed their down to earth attitudes. Performing the music they enjoy, you'll find them more interesting everytime they reveal their thoughts.

Super Junior's Official Fan Club, ELF members found a way to communicate with the boys directly.

UFO Town is a site where fans can send messages to their favorite artists (only listed artists in the site) via Korean hand phone or directly to that site by having a Korean ID and buying some coins in order to send messages. Among the highlights of UFO is that Super Junior sends their replies immediately. Yes, all the replies are from Super Junior.

Now that the secret is out, ELF are sending in their messages as often as they like, with a record number of sweet messages and sweet replies from Super Junior featured this month.

written by: gamibe

source: and

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) haha how does that work? How would they be able to respond to each one of them immediately? They wouldnt be on their laptops 24/7. And even if it all goes to their phones via text msgs it would get annoying wouldnt it? And all of them have so many fans. Few hundred of them probably send texts to them at once. lol

* ) Oh geez this isn't even worth news. >.> UFO Town has been around forever, and it's only for those in Korea with a Korean SSN. This isn't news.

* ) Yeah, I heard Kyuhyun and Heechul reply most on UFO but then again I could be wrong. xP
I think it's sweet of them to reply as soon as they can to all their fan messages. ^-^<3

* ) woot kyuhyun's on top lmao.gif

errr will suju even have time to reply to each and every msg? i know i dont get alot everyday but sometimes i dont even bother replying them haha. but yeah, wouldnt that a very huge disturb in there lives? coz imagine having to be awake all the time to try and reply smses...

but awww i wanna send a msg to kyuhyun and get a reply too down.gif haha what a hypocrite i am

Private Jay Chou MV at Zhong Huan street in the night

This article is translated by

Recently Jay Chou secretly came to Hong Kong, yesterday morning he brought out his sports car "Pagani Zonda C12" that is worth millions to Zhong Huan to film an MV, he borrowed Andrew Lau's staff members to do the filming. In the middle of the filming, the team were suddenly interrupted by a foreigner swearing at them, afterwards even police had to come to see what was going on.

Taiwanese heavenly king Jay Chou yesterday morning at 1am filmed his MV at Zhong Huan, he brought along his sports car "Pagani Zonda C12" worth millions to be the backdrop to the MV. After Jay Chou arrived at the set, he nervously looked around the place, he also frequently ordered the staff around, like how to place things to film, he was exactly like a director.

That night Jay Chou wore hip hop clothes and a leather jacket, he danced in front of the sports car while a staff member constantly sprayed water out of a hose to create the effect of raining. After each scene was finished, Jay Chou watched the playback straight away, he carefully talked about it with the cameraman, he had a very serious attitude.

While they were filming, a half naked male foreigner suddenly appeared in a building near the venue, he opened his window, look down at the street and yelled: "Get the light off!" Then he swore in bad Cantonese: "X your mother!" But, the professional Jay Chou did not take notice and continued to film. At the end a few policemen came, they asked the staff members what was going on. Until 4 in the morning, Jay Chou finished filming and returned to rest at the hotel in a 7 seat car.

Yesterday reporters called Jay Chou's company to find out what was happening, when asked if Jay Chou came to Hong Kong to film an MV? The staff member expressed: "Jay is doing a project, he can only announce it in a couple of months time, I can't reveal it right now."

Andrew Lau was asked if he was the director of the MV? He said: "No, I only lent my team to him, I just finished lunch with Shawn Yue so we went to visit him together! (Did you give Jay any opinions?) I couldn't be bothered to talk, it's enough for friends to sit there in support, he can film it however he wants, but it's quite hard to endure it! (There was a foreigner shouting?) I don't know what he was doing, actually it was very quiet then, maybe he had something to drink and that's why he was noisy?

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) gosh their filming and lightings and noise cld have disturb peeps sleeping or etc....

* ) wow, filming at 1AM seem sketchy lol

Lucas Tse Started to earn salary for Family members

An infant milk powder manufacturer in Chinese mainland plans to invite Lucas Tse, son of Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse, to advertise for its brand, offering seven-digit payment, reported by Chongqing Morning Post on Saturday.

According to the report, the breakout of the sex scandal was detrimental to Cecilia's public image, her show business has been badly affected.

The manufacturer of the infant milk powder says they are attracted by Lucas's cute appearance after seeing his picture. His father Nicholas Tse has also been invited to be in the advertisement.

It is said that two other infant milk powder manufacturers in the mainland are also competing for the chance to have Nicholas and Lucas advertise for their brands.

The report says if all these advertisements can come through Lucas will then become his family's mainly money maker.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Lucas is indeed extremely adorable.
Weird how they want him to start being commercialised at sucha young age
Actually is pretty sad.

* ) There's no way that Nicholas would agree to this. He's always been very adamant on keeping his son and future children that he'll eventually have away from the entertainment circle. I can't see how he would even consider this request. But Lucas is indeed the cutest baby ever, and with such famous parents, i'm not suprised that advertisers would want Lucas.

* ) Lucas is sooo cute & adorable...Nic is definitely a good father...
I feel kinda sad about Cecilia about her public image..hope she will be strong enough to fight through it...

* ) >< super cute dad + pretty mommeh = super super SUPER cute baby D:..

xD.. aww omg.. i cant stop staring at taht picture..lucas lox soo lost xDD.. -faints-

MBC Music Core host by Seung Ri, Dae Sung and Solbi

Seung Ri and Dae Sung of Big Bang has been chosen as the new MCs for MBC Music Core along with Solbi This new line-up will start from 10th May onwards.

Since November 2007, Show! Music Core had been hosted by T.O.P (Big Bang), So Hee (Wonder Girls), Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) for the past six months. With the trio ending their emcee duties, there’s not a big change actually with T.O.P handing the baton to his fellow group mates in Dae Sung and Seung Ri.

Big Bang is not really pulling T.O.P out just because they are making a new album since Dae Sung and Seung Ri are subbed in??? As for Sun Ye and So Hee, they had to opt out because they wanted to focus their energies on making their new single. The Music Core producers wanted a format change anyway.

This new MC assignment will test Dae Sung and Seung Ri adaptibility and challenge their limits. Dae Sung cheerful smile and image on variety shows has won him lots of love from fans while Seung Ri’s involvement in the musical, “Rain Shower” has seen him being acknowledged in a different light.

In addition, Solbi’s 4-dimensional image and straightforward personality has seen her enjoy surging popularity outside of being a singer, gaining prominence as an actress and MC, opening a brand new popularity period for her.

A Music Core spokesperson said, “The clash in personalities and image will bring something fresh to viewers,” showing their anticipation.

Sun Ye and So Hee will still be hosting two more episodes of Music Core this afternoon (26th April) and next Saturday (3rd May) being their last. With Big Bang having their nationwide tour in Kwangju on 27th April, it’s not known if T.O.P will be hosting today.

source: wonder girls wonderland

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) makes no sense putting in big bang members if they r SUPPOSE to be format?wtf top and the other girls were on there for not very long.....this is very weird. anyways top wouldnt fit with solbi but yea he has been overworked throughout into the new year when he got hurt so looks like he needs a rest still...

* ) i think Seungri and Daesung would be great MCs for this show. [=
they're both really funny and have a lot of charisma.
good for them!<3

* ) Ahh...thats gonna be really funny!! Seungri & Daesung!! I love them <33
But it is kinda weird that TOP quit and it said that both groups were going to focus on their music and then two from Big Bang are hosting it, lol. But then again it'll make sense quitting at the same time.
Seungri's been so buys recently as wel. Aww....

* ) gd is the funniest tho he threw out the N-word that one time i kno thats bad but he just so much likea kid lol

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Butterfly Lovers has began filming in Shanghai

Butterfly Lovers has began filming in Shanghai, leading actress, Charlene Choi (ah Sa) was filming some scenes in Songjiang District suburb, Shanghai. The constant weather changes have cause quite some problems making crews and cast all guessing what the whether will be like each day. Because of this, unfortunately Charlene have fallen ill and has returned to Hong Kong to tend the illness before going back to film, actor Wu Zun remains behind to begin his filming and take care of things in Shanghai.

Night before last about 7:00, Wu Zun and Director Ma Chucheng, etc. went to have Japanese-style buffet, they spent only approximately 1000 Yuan. Because the local urban district temperature rose again to more than 20 C degrees, the crew decide to stop work for a day. Wu Zun still wore the thick clothes and hat, as if he is prepared to fight! About 10:00, Wu Zun and his assistant first step out of the dining room, there were 2 female Fans outside waiting for Wu Zun and brought him a cake. Wu Zun saw the fans and responded with a kind smile and waves his hand, after he receives the gift, he gets on the vehicle and left, all the while the driver was trying to prevent reporter from taking pictures.

Afterward, Director Ma Chucheng with a female friend walked out. More reporters seem to gather and chaos started. The female friend covered her face and didn't want to be photograph. Director Ma has been holding her LV handbag for her, when they finally made it to a taxi a block later, he gave the handbag back to her. Reporters reported that Director Ma although seem like he was bothered by the cameras, also showed his politeness saying to the reporter: “thanks!”

Source: VD

Gosh, i hope Charlene gets better. Can't wait to see the film! Wu Zun look really cool, the reporters sure scared the director's friend though

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) wow, the first thing that stood out to me was that wu zun was the first one out of the buffet!! hahahaha, just joking X) ooh, so they've started to film already, i can't wait to see this film. hopefully charlene gets better, having unpredictable weather must suck. ><

* ) Oh man, Charlene is sick? I wouldn't blame her, the weather seems to change dramatically in Shanghai too much! Hope she feels better soon!

* ) i hope charlene would feel better soon...oh wow..chun had fans outside the restaurant during this kind of weather..? yikes..! i hope they're not going to get sick...heheh..chun DOES look like he's ready for a fight..hahah..

Say Bye Eru

On April 25, 2008, Eru made his last performance on KBS Musicbank with his song “Last Concert”. This song is gaining much popularity and was originally performed with some of Eru’s best friends - Brian, MC Mong, and Mithra Jin. It’s a song of sadness and hope on many levels that reminds listeners to never say “goodbye, forever”. However, on this day, Eru featured the hit duo, Mighty Mouth, to rap for him. This performance was truly one of his best, and at the end of which he shouted, “I’ll be back!”

Eru will be leaving for the 2-year mandatory military service on May 1st. He made a hard decision to give up his U.S. citizenship in order to serve his mother country.

Goodbye Stage
ru (ft. Mighty Mouth)- Last Concert (by Lee Seung-Chul)
Music Bank (Apr 25, 2008)

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) ERU. <333
i miss him already. i can't believe he's going so soon.
and last concert is love. i wished he performed it with brian, mithra, and mc mong.
that would have been awesome.

* ) oh's many of the artistes i like..going for military service...
i love his voice ... gonna miss him.....
thanx for sharing this~~

* ) eru also off....????
too many stars entering military serv this year.......
majority of them r in my fav list
if im not mistaken......eru is in his mid-20's rite....????
im gonna miss him........have a safe "trip"
plz comeback healthily oppa......
we'll wait for u.....^^

* ) oh my god so touched he gave as an au citizen !!! not many ppl will do tat !!

Happy Funeral (2008)

Chinese Name: 六樓后座2家屬謝禮

Director: Barbara Wong

Cast: Elanne Kong, FAMA, I Love You Boyz, Tian Yuan, Him Law, Stephanie Cheng, Lollipop, Eric Tsang

Release Date: April 24, 2008

Plot: (credits to yesasia) The 2008 follow-up to Barbara Wong's 2003 youth hit Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat, Happy Funeral rounds up a new cast of young pop stars for a second serving of urban comedy and youth romance. Elanne Kwong (Invisible Target), Tian Yuan (Butterfly), Him Law (See You in You Tube), Canto-rap duo Fama, and comic pop duo I Love You Boyz voice the goals, grievances, and gaffes of a new generation of aimless youth with thin wallets and even thinner dreams, stuck in a restless search for love, money, and self. Happy Funeral also features supporting appearances from Eric Tsang, singer Stephanie Cheng (Hooked On You), and Taiwan idol group Lollipop.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Will have to see how this will turn out because the original cast in the first one left a really deep and good impression on me. I wonder what the group now will be up to!

Wow, Lollipop will be guest-starring? Sounds really funny.

* ) yea i know...i actually quite enjoyed the first "Truth or Dare" film, so i'm not quite sure how well this "sequel" is going to pan out, especially since all of the actors/actresses in this film are newbies at acting and to the entertainment industry in general whereas the original cast contained rather experienced actors/actresses, like karena lam

* ) some pictures that u can find at

Thursday, April 24, 2008

View Of 'Stormriders' Aaron Kwok & Ekin Cheng

The Pang brothers, Oxide and Danny are currently filming the long awaited sequel to “Stormriders" in Thailand. Original leading males Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng are reprising their roles as Cloud and Wind respectively and showed off their fresh new look at the film's blessing ceremony recently at a film studio in Bangkok.

It has been ten years since Aaron and Ekin's first collaboration, but they still seemed to have the chemistry with each other and Aaron smiled that they feel just as young as they were before. Film company boss Daniel Lam revealed that the mainland distribution licence for the film has finally been approved and the release date has been tentatively set as Christmas 2009. As for the film reported to have gone over budget, he responded by saying that they have used Hollywood production standards, so it was worth it. A decision will be made later in the year about whether or not they will film a third installment.

Film company boss Daniel Lam (林小明) revealed that the mainland distribution licence for the film has finally been approved after three and a half months and the release date has been tentatively set as Christmas 2009. As for the film reported to have gone over budget, he responded by saying that they have used Hollywood production standards, so it was worth it. A decision will be made later in the year about whether or not they will film a third installment.

When Daniel was asked how he felt about the film's production was upstaged by the appearance of Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) on set last week, visiting her husband Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). He said that it could not be helped, so he would accept it as another form of publicity for the film.

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) i cnt wait, loved the first film, but xmas 09 is sooooooo long to wait!!

* ) The swords are fantastic~~~ Cant wait to see those CG again!!!!

* ) Wahh.. they dun actually look older from the first one

Kenix Kwok Steps into Modelling Industry

Kenix Kwok Steps into Modelling Industry

It’s been 1 year since Kenix Kwok’s contract with TVB had expired. Recently she has signed a modelling contract with Style International Management for 1 year. Other Top models in the company are Lynne Hung, Mikki Yao, Angelababy. Kenix is the first actress to sign with this company. Asked whether Kenix consider’s herself replacing Lynne’s (Style sister position) in the future? Kenix replies comfortably “ All of us have different individual styles. We are like a family, most important is that we are happy working together”.

Kenix appeared with a new image yesterday. She had a new hair cut that resembled to Victoria Beckham. Wearing a long DKNY dress and Chanel, Piaget Brands. Style Management Kim and Angelababy gave Kenix gifts and flowers to wish her a good start. Kenix claimed that she has a similar personality to Kim and they both get on very well. Her contract is also very flexible and doesn’t effect her plan’s for having children in the future. She says “My contract does not say that I cannot have children. Briefly speaking, I am ready to have children whenever the time comes”. Kenix is mainly focused on modelling for commercials and will do catwalks. Kenix states “ I want to temporary rest from any tv productions. If there is a good storyline or good partner I don’t mind filming for TVB or a mainland China series in the future”.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I thought she was signing with ATV, pretty interesting that she's trying to be a model now. She does have the body for it so she could make a good older model.

* ) Her hair does look nice on her im gonna give her that but model? i think she is too skinny.. not the model skiinny but the one that makes her look like she can break literally. so i dont know if it would work out...
But if that is what she is set on doing then good luck to her and her future plans. Im sure some people would hire her.. she does have her name out there in the HK word.

* ) I guess she wants to take a rest since modeling isn't as stressful as filming. She looks so great with the new hairstyle. I can't wait for her to start filming when she meets with a good plot!

* ) omg i think she should have childrens soon, I would love for her and frankie to be parents and yes she looks pretty in that pic, tho i wouldnt say her hair looks like Victoria Beckhams (Beckham's looks better) but still like she said, Kenix has her own style hahah...

Yan Cheng Xu Is No. 1

During the filming of Hot Shot, Yan Cheng Xu maintained good relationship with GTV's administrators. Therefore, when the rumors of his pretending injury to delay the ending filming and playing big to be absent from the celebration dinner came out, it was not just Yan Cheng Xu who felt frustrating, even GTV's administrators felt sorry and unfair for him.

According to source, when filming Hot Shot, a big Asian movie invested by Japanese which is similar to A Battle Of Wits (a movie by Andy Lau) offered him NT20 millions to join the cast. As the filming time overlapped with the final stage of Hot Shot's filming, he turned it down with pity. Besides, he also turned down 3 endorsement offers from Mainland China with the fee of NT10 millions for each. Because of the filming of Hot Shot, he has lost another NT30 millions.

Hot Shot's director, Lin He Long, indicates that Yan Cheng Xu is the most serious actor he has worked with , including Show Luo, He Jun Xiang, Wu Zun, etc... During the filming, Yan Cheng Xu didn't have any temper outbursts at all. When compared with Show Luo, Yan Cheng Xu is more reserved, but both worked hard. In order not to delay the filming, after he was knocked down by another player, he continued filming only after a brief ice treatment, and this led to the big swelling of his neck. We could see him use the pain relieving spray a lot afterwards.

Comic's (Wu Zun's agency, not Chai's) Assistant General Manager, Wang Gui Xin, indicates, "Jerry is the model of our Fahrenheit. He only requested to be absent for one day due to toothache, when Show Luo had requested to be absent for about 7 days due to different commercial performance and endorsement activities. Even our Wu Zun had requested more days off than him (Jerry), therefore, the rumors of playing big is very unfair to him."

GTV's General Manager, Lai Cong Bi, said strictly, "If there is opportunity, we would absolutely like to work with Yan Cheng Xu again, as he totally cooperated with the production team and left out his schedule just for the filming, and his professionalism is super admirable."

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Holy crap, this is officially my favorite article. I would LOVE to see Jerry and Ariel act in a Skip Beat adaptation, because it's one of my favorite mangas and Jerry and Ariel are also one of my favorite Taiwanese actors/actresses. Oh man, I hope that Ariel (and Jerry) will agree to this. That's really nice of all those GTV crews to defend Jerry like that too!

* ) Wow, what a dream team of Jerry, Joe, and Ariel filming a series together. Crossing my fingers, hopefully GTV can sign all three stars.

Ariel Fussy Acting Taking Blood ~ Doesn't Work Out After 10NGs

Ariel Lin on the 23rd for the spokesperson of a breakfast shop enjoying the fun together with the children of the Child Welfare League Foundation.R.O.C, at the scene even became a baby sitter, playing games with the children.

Ariel revealed will be getting ready to film the new drama "Paper Rose", she has twice now missed the chance with Jerry Yan, feeling regretful. Ariel heard Jerry is very serious when filming, often "Q" saying that's turtle hair (meaning fussy), she laughs saying: "I'm also turtle hair". She said once filming a scene where she had to take someone's blood in "They Kiss Again", the 6 minute scene shot nearly 10 NG's, the blood couldn't come out, causing the other person to cry.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) But I feel sorry for her that she missed her chance to act with Jerry Yan. I personally think that the two would have great teamwork and the characters in the two dramas would be different, which would make the audience feel more propelled to watch it.

And lucky kids!

* ) so was Jerry supposed to be in Paper Rose or in Skip Beat? Heh, Ariel’s right – her and Jerry are both “fussy”/perfectionistic when it comes to acting. Dang, I feel bad for the person who had to go through the 10 NGs of getting blood drawn! Poor Ariel must have felt really bad, too. Eh, but some people are just really hard to draw blood on… can’t even get it with 16 tries =P

* ) Hmm, I thought there was another article that talked more about Ariel and Jerry possibly working together – only I thought it was talking about Skip Beat

* ) ooh, Ariel and Jerry would have made a really good pair!! They're both really dedicated to making the best of their filming, plus they're both good looking X) Aww, hopefully they'll get a chance to work together in the future!!

* ) I haven't finished watching TKA yet. I wonder if she's talking about the scene where Xiang Qin was practising taking blood with Qi Tai. So, is that person Figaro Ceng (who played Qi Tai)? If yes, poor Figaro.

Fala Chen Has New Jade

She said that she likes the Chinese designs that cannot be bought overseas and with fewer people wearing them now, it makes it even more unusual. Since winning her TVB Aniversary award for Best Supporting Actress, Fala Chen (陳法拉) has seen her popularity soar and in her latest advertising contract, she has been selected by gold and jewellery giants Chow Tai Fook (周大福) to front their 2008 advertising campaign. The sponsors were captivated by her pure and elegant image and during the photoshoot, she modelled over a hundred different designs across 20 image styles, eminating the most beautiful and attractive aura. Fala Chen (陳法拉) attended as a guest model, showing off beautiful items worth a total of HK$33 million.

Asked if she would be buying herself some items, Fala said that she has always bought her own jewellery and once spent several tens of thousands of dollars on a diamond necklace.

"I see it as an investment!" she laughed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tavia + Ron = TaRo ( Adorable Sweet TaRo COuple )

True TaRo fan's already know TaRo's background info!!

Why we love TaRo?

Tavia and Ron were both unappreciated artists in TVB. Due to their hard work they finally got up to the spot that they are today. Having to go through thick and thin with each other their relationship was built as high as a pyramid. The friendship between them was what pulled us to love them; however, this isn't the reason why we love Tavia and Ron together. It is because of their fabulous chemistry Off-screen and On-screen that makes TaRo fans swoon over them. What even makes TaRo couple more special than any others is that us fans see a blossoming Romance between them. Especially Ron’s undying sweet actions for Tavia. After years TaRo fans finally see Tavia’s sweet actions for Ron. Hopefully, their romantic chemistry truly become real romance.

Year 2005 -2006

TaRo's Collaboration Project

1. Find the Light - Although they aren't paired together but their three minutes together on screen for the series was more than wonderful. infatuated.gif

2. Twins of Brothers - Again a series that does not pair the two; however, this series was the series that really sparks their wonderful off-screen actions.

3. The Academy - Finally a series that was suppose to be meant for the couple but ended up not being like so. However, that's not all bad because their on-screen actions was more blissful than expected. Especially the surprising and infamous tongue kiss.

4. The Academy 2 (On the First Beat) - A sad ending for the pair but their chemistry and love moments are not to be missed at all.

Interesting Facts

Tavia met Ron while she was still in Acting Training Class. He was taking TVB dancing class right next door. At first she had a timid feelings towards him but the more she knows him the more she realize that he isn't the cold type of a person that everyone thought that he would be. She used to have a crush on him during those years and currently view him as the most handsome guy in TVB. Tavia also admit that her and Ron are very compatible because they match from top to bottom. She also admits that they sometimes go shopping they even held hands with each other. Also, both loves Shanghai and Canada. Ron want to be Tavia's next door neighbor both in Shanghai and Canada. They are hoping to do a wedding photo shoot with each other.


* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I notice that in all the TVB anniversary pics, Ron smiles the happiest and sweetest in 2005 because he got to walk the red carpet with Tavia. In 2006, he has to rob Tavia from someone else and share the walk with Tavia with Moses. 2007 is of course full of Raymond and Bosco threat syndromes.

* ) At the end for me Taro is always the best you know what , in my computer , when i look through all of my pics , i really found a lot of Taro pics ! it about 2/3 my Ron's picture . Ron took almost his pics with Tavia when comparing to others Ron-couples like Ronleila or Ronshirley , even he had collaborated with them in a lot of series !
next week i have a lot of exams ! so i won't be here for usually . hic . so sad .

* ) And I do think it's amazing how TARO are like so close and still behaving like a couple until now even though they hardly collaborate in any series. That shows something, that their relationship is genuine and not just for promotional tactics, unlike some others. I really appreciate the way Ron find his way to Tavia in every occasion that they are together. Or was it Tavia finding Ron? But nahh, I have seen pictures and it was Ron going to Tavia like how he dumped his partner of red carpet in 2006 to go to Tavia.

Talking about TARO hardly collaborating in any series, I remember when it was the first time TARO collaborated for the radio show Laboratory Love. Can really see Ron was very happy and excited and hyper about it. Their interview on that radio show is so cute too, Ron always relate almost every answer to Tavia. Anyway, can really feel that he is so into her. And he has never done that with his any other partner.

* ) Taro is my 3rd fav couple, after fungyi and bota, despite that, I'll still play my part to support it. Just amazing how much tavia gets along well with these 3 guys, and coincidently, 3 of the hottest favs. among the many male leads. =)

Raymond Lam + Kate Tsui, Anyone like them?

Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui acted as a couple in The Four (2008, airing soon).

They also worked together in the performance of MissHK2007 and some other functions.

I think they make a nice and fresh couple. Anyone here like them?

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I love the two of them individually so naturally I will love this couple! I think that Kate really looks too young for Ray but the pictures of them dancing together looks really HOT! Can't wait for their chemistry in "The Four"!

* ) I agree, Kate does look abit too young for Raymond...but she is actually older than him by half a year. (she certainly doesn't look like her age) I'm looking forward to see how this new couple would work out in 'the four'.

* ) What can I put two hot people together, you get a very attractive pairing. Ya, I do think the age difference is kind of apparent, but so far they seem quite alright, and while I like Raymond, Kate is one of the few actresses whom I'm starting to like too. Looking forward to see what they have to offer in The Four.

* ) ^Very youthful look indeed. XD Recently I was thinking if she would have too modern a look for an acient series like "The Four", but if the acting and chemistry with Raymond is good then it wouldn't really matter then.

Personally I'm the sort of person who wouldn't get my hopes up, because if you expect less, if it turns out to be good, the impact will be sweeter. ^^; So with regards to the show I am anticipating, but not looking out for much in particular.

TVB Rating Reports - Year 2008

Just thought of compiling for easy reference.

Prepared by: evodrift @asianfanatics
Credits Source: TVB CNC, TVB.Com
Note: The reception of TV preliminary statistical result, is possible and the official reception of TV
has 1 point to receive the viewpoint the error, only supplies the reference
* Please give a proper credit to TVB Chinese News Collection if reposted.

Week 16 - April 14 to April 20, 2008
1. D.I.E. (EPS 21 - 25 - Ending) - 37 PTS (Peaking At 44 PTS)
2. A Journey Called Life (EPS 11 - 15) - 30 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 281 - 285) - 28 PTS

Week 15 - April 07 to April 13, 2008
1. D.I.E. (EPS 16 - 20) - 34 PTS
2. A Journey Called Life (EPS 6 - 10) - 29 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets - 28 PTS

Week 14 - March 31 to April 06, 2008
1. D.I.E. (EPS 11 - 15) - 33 PTS
2. A Journey Called Life (EPS 01 - 05) - 28 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 271 - 275) - 28 PTS

Week 13 - March 24 to March 30, 2008
1. D.I.E. (EPS 06 - 10) - 34 PTS; Peaking At 38 PTS
2. The Master Of Tai Chi (EPS 21 - 25 - Ending) - 29 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 266 - 270) - 28 PTS

Week 12 - March 17 to March 23, 2008
1. D.I.E. (EPS 01 - 05) - 32 PTS
2. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 261 - 265) - 27 PTS
3. The Master Of Tai Chi (EPS 16 - 20) - 27 PTS

Week 11 - March 10 to March 16, 2008
1. The Seventh Day (EP. 20) - 34 Pts peaking at 35 Pts
2. Tung Fong Hung Special: Super Trio Wonder Trip - 31 Pts
3. Best Selling Secrets - 29 Pts
4. The Seventh Day (EP. 15-19) - 28 Pts
5. The Master Of Tai Chi (Ep. 11-15) - 28 Pts

Week 10 - March 03 to March 09, 2008
1. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 251 - 255) - 29 PTS
2. The Master Of Tai Chi (EPS 06 - 10) - 28 PTS
3. The Seventh Day (EPS 10 - 14) - 27 PTS

Week 09 - February 25 to March 02, 2008
1. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 246 - 250) - 29 PTS
2. The Master Of Tai Chi (EPS 01 - 05) - 28 PTS
3. The Seventh Day (EPS 05 - 09) - 27 PTS

Week 08- February 18 to February 24, 2008
1. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 20 - Ending) - 32 PTS
2. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 15 - 19) - 31 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 242 - 245) - 29 PTS
4. The Seventh Day (EPS 01 - 04) - 27 PTS

Week 07- February 11 to February 17, 2008
1. The Gentle Crackdown (EPS 16 - 20 - Ending) - 32 PTS / Ending Peaked at 37 PTS
2. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 10 - 14) - 29 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 237 - 241) - 28 PTS

Week 06- February 04 to February 10, 2008
1. The Gentle Crackdown (EPS 11 - 15) - 25 PTS
2. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 234 - 236) - 24 PTS
3. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 06 - 09) - 24 PTS

Week 05 - January 28 to February 03, 2008
1. Wasabi Mon Amour ( EPS 01 - 05 ) - 29 PTS
2. The Gentle Crackdown II (EPS 06 - 10) - 27 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 229 - 233) - 26 PTS

Week 04 - January 21 to 27, 2008
1. Wars Of In-Laws II (EPS 19 - 20 - Ending) - 37 PTS
2. Wars Of In-Laws II (EPS 14 - 18) - 32 PTS
3. The Gentle Crackdown II (EPS 01 - 05) - 28 PTS
4. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 224 - 228) - 27 PTS

Week 03 - January 14 to 20, 2008
1. Wars Of In-Laws II (EPS 10 - 13) - 32 PTS (Peaking At 35 PTS)
2. Survivor's Law II (EPS 15 - 20 - Ending) - 31 PTS (Peaking At 37 PTS)
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 219 - 223) - 27 PTS

Week 02 - January 07 to 13, 2008
1. Wars Of In-Laws II (EPS 05 - 09) - 33 PTS (Peaking At 36 PTS)
2. Survivor's Law II (EPS 10 - 14) - 31 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 214 - 218) - 28 PTS

Week 01 - January 01 to 06, 2008
1. Wars Of In-Laws II (EPS 01 - 04) - 33 PTS (Peaking At 36 PTS)
2. Deal Or No Deal - 31 PTS
3. Survivor's Law II (EPS 06 - 09) - 29 PTS
4. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 209 - 213) - 29 PTS

December 2007
(24/12/2007 - 30/12/2007)
1. The Building Blocks Of Life (EPS 16 - 20 - Ending) - 27 PTS
2. Survivor's Law II (EPS 01 - 05) - 26 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 204 - 208) - 25 PTS

(17/12/2007 - 23/12/2007)
1. Marriage Of Inconvenience (EPS 16 - 20 - Ending) - 28 PTS (Peaking At 30 PTS)
2. The Building Blocks Of Life (EPS 11 - 15) - 27 PTS (Peaking At 32 PTS)
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 199 - 203) - 25 PTS

(10/12/2007 - 16/12/2007)
1. Marriage Of Inconvenience (EPS 11 - 15) - 28 PTS
2. The Building Blocks Of Life (EPS 06 - 10) - 28 PTS
3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 194 - 198) - 27 PTS

(26/11/2007 - 02/12/2007)
1. Word Twisters' Adventures (EPS 15 - 19) - 30 PTS
2. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 184 - 188) - 28 PTS
3. Marriage Of Inconvenience (EPS 01 - 05) - 27 PTS
4. Word Twisters' Adventures (EPS 20 - Ending) - 26 PTS

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Credits: aZnangel @
Source: Mingpao | Translation by: aZnangel
11th February, 2008

"Wasabi Mon Amour" Loses 31,000 Viewers over CNY week
TVB and ATV's current broadcasting series suffered a big drop in ratings due to CNY. Michael Tao and Lousia So's "Wasabi Mon Amour" suffered a huge drop of 5 points, average 24 points (approximately losing 31,000 audience viewers); For Steven Ma and Yumiko Cheng's "The Gentle Crackdown II" and "Best Selling Secrets" dropped 2 points each, averaging 25 points and 24 points.

* ) Wow ! Woil 2 are always highest on the list when they were airing ! that's not a surprise, Woil 2 was exactly a great serie ! luuuuuuuuuuv it soooo much <3

* ) Maybe people expect 'The Seventh Day' to be like the old Canopy of love. So don't bother much to see it, since they know much or less the story.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Most well-known/popular Taiwanese celeb., who is it?

Who is the most well-known celeb?
This person doesn't have to be your favorite, its just to see who is most known in Taiwan
Probably the first star you ever heard of is most well known?

I reckon Fahrenheit boys are pretty popular, who other celebs can you guys name.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I have to say Ariel Lin...

She's the first taiwanese actress that I've ever known ...and since then have follow

in her series...Not to mention, I think Lee hom is quite famous too not only in taiwan itself

but the asia and states as well...

* ) OOHhh~
Show Luo!!!
His nickname is Asia's Dance King~ (if tt isn't famous enough then wat is??)
He sings, dance, host and act..

Go Xiao Zhu!!

* ) S.H.E - the most popular female group, not only in Taiwan, but in other parts of Asia as well.

Wang Leehom - he's really popular.

Jay Chou - he's even known in the states.

* ) S.H.E of cos!
go around asking and u'll noe..
i'm amaze at how many ppl noes s.h.e
the chinese,indians & malays around me...
Frh is still smhow new la.. although Not tat new too
ask my other classmates & majority dont know them..
but ya.. they are still Popular..

Ming Dao [明道] and Chen Qiao En [陳喬恩] -Part 4-, Popular couple from WZBQW & YY3+1

Popular couple from Prince Turn to Frog (Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa) -- the highest-rated drama in Taiwanese Entertainment since 2005 to date. As leading actor and actress from the well liked drama, Ming Dao and Qiao En have become one the Taiwanese Entertainment's most popular couples! They are referred to as "MingEn" [明恩] by loyal fans. Taken from the phrase 日月因心 which loosely translated as whatever things happen, it's due to your heart.. (The "Ming" [明] from Ming Dao, and the "En"[恩] from Qiao En)

With undeniable strong chemistry, Ming Dao and Qiao En quickly showed their equal strong acting abilities that enhanced each other characters, making their romance on-screen seem so real and believable to many viewers. Being managed by the same Company J-Stars, it given Ming Dao & Qiao En lots of opportunity to co-operated together from making MV clips with their music groups (183 Club & 7 Flowers) or appeared in variety shows together . However with the Company strict rule, forbidden all internal relationships with its artists. The dream for Ming Dao and Qiao En becoming a reality couple was so close yet seem to be impossible.

Until May 2007, MingEn once again collaborated as on-screen partners in the Sanli Summer Idol drama Ying Ye 3 + 1. This was where their chemistry burnt the scenes, and through valuable BTS clips/photos revealed Ming Dao and Qiao En were more than just friends, they are best of friends.

Recently, in Qiao En’s newly published personal book titled ‘Have you seen En?’, she openly talked about her ‘close’ and ‘comfortable’ friendship with Ming Dao by saying “Ah Ming is a prince, and is a frog, he is also an irreplaceable friend!”. Ming Dao also added his personal comment to the book’s foreword in which he said: “Dearest Qiao En, Ah Ming will always support you!”


English name: Matthew
Screen name: Ming Dao [明道]
Chinese Name: Lin Chao Chang
Date of Birth: 26th february 1980
Blood type: O
Horoscope: Pisces
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Hobbies: Play model cars, guitar
Talents: Acting, Hosting

English Name:Joe Chen
Chinese Name: Chen Qiao En [陳喬恩]
D.O.B: 04.04.1979
Blood Type: O
Horoscope: Aries
Height: 164cm
Weight: 47 kg
Language: Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese
Hobbies: Singing, Acting
Talent: Singing, Acting, Hosting

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Naomi, I also remember reading something about MD/QE should be acting the FTL series.
However, Sunzho does not have enough budget for both of them to act, therefore they
did the story under co-production with Ethan company.
I was also, thinking, could that be the reason why they take in Ethan to act as he looks a bit like MD > I mean a bit only .
MD is still gorgeous incomparison to him.
I can't imagine if QE/MD were to act FTLY - they will definitely confirm their status after the
bedscene ....... dream on.....

* ) Oh wow! thanks for this news, I didn't knew that.
I think MD would do a GREAT job, he is such a good actor and with his chemistry with QE.... clapping.gif no more words needed wink.gif
It's a pity that Ethan got the role, not that he is not good! But I prefer MD more.
I would definetely love MD and QE in FTL

* ) roseecheek, i kinda think the same way actually.... and MD said during the WQYL that he was surprised to see a person who looked like to himself in bed with QE (i think he saw the pic of the bed scene between QE and Ethan), but he then said that he felt awkward after seeing the picture..

i've been wondering if he got jealous or not to see QE has bed scenes with Ethan and i heard there will be a lot of romantic scenes between QE and Ethan... oh no!!!
whereas MingEn only has really few romantic scenes in their two series...

* ) Alright girls, I get worry when seeing FTLY popped up again, we just got out one gun cannel for for sake people, do you want history repeating itself?

But since Boss Naomi bought it up.
I'll say it once and won't touch on it again.

Properly because I don't watch FTLY so I don't have any special feeling for it. I've only base on what I've heard and read about it. So it, it is still another version of fairy Tale in another word PTF. Rich guys meet poor, blur girl and had an accident.

If Mingen were to play in it, it would going to be old road all over again apart from the bed scene, and who knows, people will start critising about "If that the only kind roles they can play?" or "They are only good at it because I've played that type of roles before!"

I want Mingen to challenge themself on something new, something different. Something that made me wow and said "No one can act out better or as good as them in that role."

I might be the only one, but that's why I LOVE Ying Ye so much. It brings Mingen's chemistry into a different era.

In WZBQW, the love story is typical, Prince meet underated girl and felt in love and would do anything for her. Mingen achieved that to the max.

In YY3+1, it's a totally unrelated love story, two childhood friends, grew up together, fight together and fall in love together. And in the end they'll try to do everything to keep their love intact. I've said before, I think MD & QE are the only two actors who can portraited the love between AJ and XT in such a deep, lingering way that made you smile everytime they fight and cry everytime they separated. That's original and to more more valuable.

But let keep peace here guys, start away from FTLY to keep the intruders away please.

Seo In Young, outfit plagiarism, Tuesday April 22, 2008 Korea

Netizens are at it again! Now they are criticizing Seo In Young’s outfit in Jewelry’s “Silence!” music video, which was shot yesterday. According to Netizens, it was copied from Christina Aguilerra’s outfit in her “Can’t Hold Us Down” music video.

Comments like “The two outfits look so much alike” and “She seems to have no individuality” regarding the said issue can be seen online. But not everyone was against Seo In Young because one Netizen posted “Is it already plagiarism just because their clothes are the same?”

Slanderin’ names for popularity
It’s sad you only get your fame through controversy
So what am I not supposed to say what I’m saying
Are you offended by the message I’m bringing
Call me whatever cos your words don’t mean a thing
Guess you ain’t even a man enough to handle what I sing

Source: Sports Chosun
translations: krnloop

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) I said the exact same thing on popseoul. Seo In Young's outfit is straight out cop-out of Christina's.
Like I said before Jewelry is UNORIGINAL. They just copy whatever they see.
Like that ET Dance the ones that started it up was BEG's & Jewelry admitted it too..Now Seo In Young's copying Christina's outfit.
The whole concept is the same. The matching hat & the black hair in sorta a messy pony/bun, the gold chains it's all a cop-out.

* ) AHH...Plagiarism
People are taking the word 'plagiarism' too seriously.
Not trying to thumb down Seo In Young but her, wardrobe stylist dress sense needs some serious work!

* ) er, i dont think there is such a thing as outfit plagiarism.

plagiarism is copying of WORDS.

anyways, that really is so UNORIGINAL. i wouldnt support an artist if there is even a hint of unoriginality.

* ) wow the outfit looks exactly the same.
there are so many outfits out there where they can choose from.

Pretty TVB Ancient Costumes?

I've always adored the beauty of traditional Chineses fashion. I especially adore the ancient costume representations of hanfu worn for TVB series. Well, who do you think wore the prettiest ancient costumes and in what series did that artist star in? This does not have to be just hanfu, but other traditional Chinese dress from other dynasties as well. Also, who do you think wore the best ancient hairstyle? Please post pictures so we can all see your opinions!

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) i thnk tvb did a reallli good job in its ancient chinese customes...this is one part of tvb that i realli admire is its costumes and clothings..

* ) The two you listed are two of my favorites as well !
But one I could never forget is Tavia in Twin of Brothers , as Lee Sau Ning . She looked so beautiful in that series ! Also Tavia in Land of Wealth was really good too . I think Tavia looks quite good in ancient costumes .

* ) the above pictures of bernice and leila are really pretty adn their costumes looks really pretty too. the one that tavia wore in twin of brothers was really pretty and the one that michelle ye wore in lost of the chamber of love was really pretty too.

* ) I really like the ancient costumes by TVB. Very elegant and beautiful.

Some actresses have the 'ancient beauty' when wearing the costumes.

Ex., Michelle Ye, Tavia, Bernice, Esther Kwan, etc.

* ) the ancient clothes are soo beautifull.... and the some of the hairstyle too...

Janice's Birthday Wish, Sunday April 20, 2008 Malaysia

Hong Kong Songbird Janice didn’t have time to celebrate her birthday a week ago, but her fans in Kuala Lumpur made it a special day for her.

FAST-RISING Hong Kong singer Janice was in town recently in conjunction with her upcoming Malaysian concert on May 1 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

Janice met fans at Sungei Wang Plaza and at the Seremban Terminal.

Excited from the success of her Hong Kong concert at the Coliseum last year, Janice hopes to give her Malaysian fans a show to remember and revealed there would be guest artistes.

“I hope to have one male and one female artiste,” she said.
Could they be Michael Wong and twin Jill? When pressed, she conceded the male artiste looks a lot like Wong,” she said, giggling. “I have already informed him of my concert here.”

Her “boss”, Leon Lai, has been informed of her concert here but it remains to be seen if he will make it to KL.

There have been rumours that Lai had secretly married his model girlfriend, Lok Kei Yi, and being his protege, Janice became the target for questions at the media session.

A little overwhelmed, Janice said that she had not heard anything. “I don’t know, I have not heard the news from Leon himself,” she said.

“I really don’t think so as I believe if Leon really gets married, he would tell me.”

Janice’s 26th birthday fell on April 13 but celebrations had to be postponed until after her Malaysian concert. However, her fans in Malaysia at Sungei Wang presented her with a birthday cake and a portrait painted by a Malay artist.

Overcome by their thoughtfulness and love, Janice’s eyes moistened. She said it was the happiest day of her life. And her birthday wish? “That my Malaysian concert is a success,” she said.

Janice’s or Janice Vidal, is of mixed Filipino-Korean parentage and first made her debut in the Hong Kong music scene in 2005.

She caught the attention of composer/producer Mark Lui when she was backing vocals for one of Lai’s songs in 2001. Subsequently, Lai signed her on to his label and she started doing covers of Lai’s songs.

In 2005, Janice released her debut album titled Day & Night, which became a big hit. A string of awards and more albums followed, and early last year, she held her first concert in Hong Kong at the Coliseum.

In the same year, she won a competition held by the Madame Tussauds museum in Hong Kong to select a new wax celebrity, which is no mean feat for a relative newcomer. Her wax lookalike was displayed in the glamour section.

Janice My First Concert In Malaysia 2008 is organised by Galaxy Group and tickets are priced at RM358, RM268, RM178 and RM88. For more information, call 03-22822020 or log on to

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* ) hmm janice looks different in her poster than she does, in the picture. janice has a really nice voice, and happy bday to her! (late) heh

* ) I'm new to Janice's music, but I really enjoy her style
sounds nice that her fans are celebrating her bday w/ her